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I'm just curious on everyone else's opinion on this. Lately Gaia has been doing a lot of events involving Gaia Cash. (which is the majority of the time lol)

Has anyone even bothered to buy entry packages yet?

If so, how much did you spend or plan on spending?

Which items would you choose and why?

I'd probably get:
Gaia Item - Manslayer Duke (For keeps)
Doll - Thea (Sell)
Pet - Probably a kitten star or something . I'd sell it and donate or do a give away
Marionette - Crimson (Might sell or Keep)
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I wont be buying it. Its a horrible raffle. Only 3 people are going to win out of how many? The only way ill be getting tickets is off the mp with gold or if I did buy something else from the shop that wasnt the tickets. (too bad it wasnt 1 for ea 99cents instead of 1 for ea purchase)

Also id get
gold medal, thea, tunnu (maybe aurora for keeps) and icy and sell them all to get what I really like.
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I'm not going to win, so why bother?
Actually, I was just thinking about spending $100 on this so I'd probably be at least 3rd. But you're right, there are people probably spending hundreds to get to first place.
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A Rumor
Actually, I was just thinking about spending $100 on this so I'd probably be at least 3rd. But you're right, there are people probably spending hundreds to get to first place.
bad idea, you probably still wouldn't win. 10 million pure would be better.
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I only got ONE ticket for the raffle. That's it.

At least I can tell people "I tried" instead of "I didn't". XP
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Nope, I will continue being ''not supportive''. emotion_awesome
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Let's see... if I won the grand prize...

Gaia Item: Cherubic Queen of Solaire

SDPlus doll: #24 Renard

Pet: Koji the Red Fox

Marionette: Ashen of course.

I would not sell any of these items of course...
Not going to bother buying it either in the marketplace or cash shop. I have horrible luck anyways.
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I keep thinking I should buy a single entry on the marketplace. Just so I can say I tried. But no more than that. Time is precious and 500,000 gold for 10 entries is nothing to sneeze at.
The only good thing I think that Gaia had involving Gaia Cash was probably the Summer Sale that happened recently. It had good prices.
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I'm going to be buying RIGs when they come out so I guess that will count for some entries.
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I probably won't enter, but if I did here's what I'd do:

Gaia Item - Lovely Lucie (Keep)
Doll - Wendy (Probably keep for the eyes)
Pet - Lucky the Cat (keep because its cute)
Marionette - Crimson (I'd either keep or sell)
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Its like Gaia is forcing us to spend RL money to get Gcash to enter a contest..
Why cant they make like..A Contest where all you need to do is fill a application whit questions like:
Username,gaia age,what you like doing on gaia..etc.
And like everyone who filled and posted the form would get at lest something.Why cant regular gaians get anything?I never bought Gcash and not planning to.

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