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Mermaid Eater
A pet feature (yeah i get it blah blah neopets)
But i would love if we could get an egg possibly to start and it would hatch to some sort of animal thingy and it would be one of hundreds so you would have no idea what you would get, and you could level it up (posting maybe?
) and you could unlock clothes for it, it could get more poses, and eventually evolve

I personally would love this feature to death!

I personally haven't used a pet feature in years, but it would be a cool addition to the site.
If they ever decided to seriously integrate Monster Galaxy into the Gaian world, they could always make Mogas into pets.
As long as a few of them are easy to maintain because I tend to forget features even exist 60% of the time.

Eyebrow mods also need to become a new concept/gimmick/thing. It would be so so helpful.
Jewelry such as earrings and necklaces, too. Accessory items in general.
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Gaia give me animated cat tails for ******** sake.
That is one thing that should have come with cat ears!
No moar animated wings.

ALSO what ever happened to those animated eye mods?
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Turtle Dove
Base matching body mods. emotion_kirakira

I would for this to happen. I have to pass over a lot of cool items because of this.

Also how about beards in colors other that black. I don't need a shop for it. Just make one nice item of hansom facial in natural colors that layer with my nose. (Asking for so much, I know.)

There are already some beard items out there. For instance, Dappy Dandy has a few orange beards included in it. The item has a goatee and some weird mustache - sideburn combo. Not sure how they would layer with your avatar's nose though. You are probably aware of that already though, but I thought I would let you know just in case you weren't. smile

I've used the Dappy Dandy beard a few times. I have a couple of wigs that match it. But if I want a brown beard or facial hair that isn't attached to a wig I'm s.o.l. I was so pissed when the Questionable Beard item was released. What a waste of potential.
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I'd love more pretty sci-fi outerspace/alien world stuff. I'm not talking clunky sci-fi stuff here, I'm talking, backgrounds of beautiful alien worlds with extra moons hanging in the sky, more interesting colored skins, alien hair and eyes...spaceships...I could go on and on. emotion_awesome

Also eyebrow mods! Separate from wigs. I would love to have worried eyebrows like the Mock Turtle has, but without the hair.
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More footie pajamas, house robes, night gowns, crocheted hats and maybe more make-up.

Also, more Rufus items! Rufus looks just like my kitty cat Bubba.
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the return of gold shop rigs like the Refurbished Sheet
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The ability to move arms through more poses WITHOUT using an item/arm-mod would be really nice. I also think it would be cool to have hair dyes (like the body dye) that you could use to make wigs different colors - of course I'm sure they'd wind up costing an arm and a leg.
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Invisible Shapeshifter

the return of gold shop rigs like the Refurbished Sheet

You know, I completely forgot about that, but I would love to see something similar.
Like, maybe if they took Mecha Neko and made it more than just a sponsor store and made it a general tchotchke store they could do something like cheapie blind boxes that have little accessories like hairpins, bows, or other small jewelry in them. Even revisiting the Overly Decorated could serve that purpose well.

Something I'd love to see them expand on is arm mods. With Rosamund's Revenge, we got what I thought were the best arm mods to date. They've got personality, are scaled well, and tend to look pretty good overall. The S-Pop mods were pretty solid as well, but they only had one pose and the little dab of colour can be a bit of a pain.
More waist cinchers would also be more than welcome~ Can never have too many hourglass shapes. A white corset like Rosamund's Revenge would be to DIE for. The whole item recoloured to Agape's colour scheme would be fantastic.
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More sparkle. Like right now I'm wearing the Secret Sparkle but we need more, and in more colours. Also there needs to be sparkle lower, too...sometimes it's hard to make an avatar that isn't topheavy as ********] in relation to the top heavy comment--

I agree. We need more bottom heavy elaborate items in general. More things to layer and items that sit on the ground instead of just having pant or skirt bottoms and that's it.

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