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I love to hate Valentines Events. xD I feel they overshadow what the BIG event, which is my birthday. wink wink

I am looking forward to it! It starts on the grandest event of all. wink
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I'm excited. I always like the new girly items- even if it does mean I have to stay on Gaia for way longer than I normally would. XD
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At least there will be one 3nodding
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If interested, I grabbed out some infos and QA pairs about the event (Valentine and Anniversary) 3nodding They won't be in quote form though. You can check all Ask the Admin answers here (the bubble beginnign with February 4th).

lanzer: Valentine's just around the corner, as well as the Gaia anniversary. Some might have heard that we're combining the two events this year for a bigger event. It's gonna be fun!

Narumi Misuhara: Yes they will be combined, Can't say the work has been easier, it was actually an interesting challenge to try to integrate the two.

Question: Who brilliant idea was this, or has it been talked amongst you and all the staff for a while?!
Narumi Misuhara: Consensus between Pepper-Tea and I. It didn't make much sense to do two separate things for events only days apart.

Question: What are you guys planning this Valentine's day?
lanzer: We plan on giving away some really awesome item this time around. biggrin Can't wait!

Question: I was wondering if there will be any 1-day only items I would be missing out on?
Narumi Misuhara: ...better you don't know...
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Dunno, but I've sort of started my own tradition of dressing up with the Glompie skin, and scorning the holiday.

EDIT: Also, more anti-Valentine's Day items would be fantastic.

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