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Avi art.

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My favorite kind of art?
I suppose I like all types of art, though I can't say I'm a big fan of chibi or those overly cute drawings.
I prefer curvy art with minimal coloring. o___8 's work was absolutely amazing in my opinion.
In terms of avatar art though, I like busts the best. Full bodies are hard to pull off.

I think I've bought one or two pieces of avatar art, but to be honest, I dont have the gold to shell out for the artists that I really like. Some of the prices are just outrageous though.

I draw..to an extent. I'm not really happy with my work, but I do draw for free on various occasions. Mostly through mules though.
Once or twice I've considered selling art to help with questing, but to be honest, the thought scares me.
If I were to open up a shop, I would be suuuper picky. Then I would end up closing it down because I would feel terrible that I would have to refuse some people. Then what if they dont like the finished product? What if halfway through the drawing I lose my inspiration and can't finish it?

I doubt I'll ever get around to opening up a shop, but I think I'll continue to visit the AF and hand out some cruddy stuff.
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What kind of art do you prefer? Cute or creepy? Cartoony or realistic? Chibi, full body, bust?
I'm open to a lot of art. I like seeing different kinds.

Do you draw your own art?
I do, mostly anime-style, hand-drawn, line art busts. I like drawing my avatars! They're usually pretty good inspiration.

Are you saving up to buy some?
Nah, I'm always questing new items and would rather have the items than fancy art.

What are your opinions on pricing?
Most times I feel pricing is fair... but I'm sure there are some over/under chargers.

Perhaps you're planning on selling your own drawings?
I'm trying! I want to see how my signature advertising does. I've gotten one customer so far.
I'm just scared to open a shop because my art is so simple and my skills are very limited... imo anyway.
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Usually my faves are chibis, but I've recieved some amazing non-chibi art. I also usually love CG, but again, I've recieved amaaazing non-CG art.

I draw my own sometimes, always CG. I also draw traditional, but I don't think I've drawn a traditional avatar since like 07 or something like that.

Maybe I should change my signature art to something that isn't even an avatar. :O
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I think I've spent millions on getting art of both my OCs and my avatar XD But lately I've lost the passion since I'm so dirt poor TAT and every time I have any amount of gold I spend it on nice shinies. /sigh

I end up doing my own avatar art instead >>;
Oh sadness.
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I draw, but I'm lazy so I barely ever do it for other people. The signature picture is by me.
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I like looking at avi art that adds more character to the avi. One that tells a story instead of just showcasing the artistic ability of the user or the artist. I don't know if the thing on my sigmap is like that (I kept it for sentimental value).
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I love avi art and I have a lot of it, and I'll never get tired of collecting it. Your

art is CUTE, I think it's perfect for flobs. You should totally open a shop! If you need any help

setting up, just let me know.

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I like getting art. I don't mind shelling out a few 100k or more for a nice piece. I'm always jumping on freebie threads in the CB though my avatar never seems to get picked. Most artists there aren't fond of the male avatar. I tend to gravitate to more cartoony or realistic styles.
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You are sickened by the weakness... Of a heart that's filled with fear.
And if the world won't understand you... You can make it disappear.
Cuz there's a dark secret... You carry with you. You carry with you.

I heart avvie art. However, since there seem to be very few artists who are willing or able to draw masks, I usually, whenever I get the urge for art, trawl the freebies forum and try and persuade someone to draw my masked avvie. I always tip; more so if avvie is coloured. I love chibis; a very nice person made me the chibi in my speech bubble. *huggles chibi* A friend of mine made me the art in my siggie; I've changed my avvie slightly since it was made, but keep it there cuz I love it so much.

I'd be happy enough to pay for art, however I've seen loads of overpriced art and wouldn't pay out several hundred k for a scribble. I would draw avvie art had I a scanner, tho I'd be stuck drawing animals and anthros since my people drawing sucks. sweatdrop

Just wish more people would draw masks; I can't possibly take mine off. O_o

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I do my own art---because i'm saving gold for the monthly (and sometimes weekly) new shinies that Gaia spews out... gonk

It's also because of avi art that i've earned my gold...my art auction gave me items i could never have earned in a million gaia years! 3nodding

I've always based my pricing on the current trend--thus, user-defined...There will always be that talk on the pricing of art---whether the price is justified or not. I think it's relative to the amount that a user is willing to shell out; not just based on the "quality" of the art piece.
I guess beauty still lies in the eyes of the beholder...(and the size of his/her virtual gold pouch)

My forte is cutesy-wutesy, big eyes females...(although i can do sexy too! wink )
I wish i could give males justice, but, i'm still practicing and working on it... xp

I'd like to think that gaia has given me the opportunity to improve my art. The ones i did back when i first joined Gaia look soooo much different now...

User Image<----- click (it's my latest journal entry) Warning: page stretch and load time!
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I like not-chibi fullbody stuff best. I don't prefer cute or creepy, I like whatever embodies the avatar best. Therefore if the avatar is creepy I don't want a cutesy whatever of it and likewise for the cute avatars. I like both realistic and cartoony.

I draw my own sometimes, i don't save up for it even though I sometimes think I should.
I don't buy it because the only stuff I can afford is crap and the stuff I really want I can't afford.

I've tried to sell my stuff before but.....
If I get too many orders I tend to flake on it and if I don't get enough I get discouraged.
Plus I just don't like it.
People aren't nice in the art community on Gaia - that I've observed - so I tend to stay away from that group.
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What kind of art do you prefer?
Any kind~ I love all types from stick figures to detailed realistic pieces. <333
It's just nice to see my request drawn.

Do you draw your own art?
Yup! Anime style, fully cg'd. From chibis to full(though I hate those). I hate giving out non-colored things so usually even a freeb would be colored. I think of gaia as a place where I can improve and doodle crap. I mostly draw chibis because most people seem to like them more then my non-chibi art ^^;;

Are you saving up to buy some?
Naah, When I see some art I like I buy. or I browse AF. If I really really
need it, I'll open a request in AF or AR

What are your opinions on pricing?
As for pricing, I don't really care as much. I mean sometimes it's too low or too high but if people still buy it either way I don't really think much of it. I don't even know how to price my own art! I usually just set my shops to bribe and whatever they give me I take it.

Perhaps you're planning on selling your own drawings?
Well I already have a chibi shop in my sig.
I'm thinking of attempting to try a bustshop later on and see how that goes.
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I like pretty and creepy.. not always at the same time.
I also am a fan of strong male avatar art.
i always enjoy lookng at it
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But everyone wants the same thing. :l
Smiling, looking pretty. That gets so boring though. xl
I love challenging, interesting poses. Sure, they don't show the avatar's face. But it certainly shows off the avatar's clothes and body language.
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I like pretty and creepy.. not always at the same time.
I also am a fan of strong male avatar art.
i always enjoy lookng at it


I'm always seeing pretty boy art to the point where they just don't have groins anymore.
Might AS WELL be a GIRL.

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