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What if it's a movie? There is a new Batman coming out. biggrin Might be early but The Hobbit is coming out in December. Maybe we'll get a massive LotR thing.

Because Helsing specifically said it would be a tv show.

Ah...I missed that bit. I guess I'll have to lurk around the Entertainment Forum, see what keeps popping up. Knowing Gaia it will be something totally out of left field. Like some weird CW teen drama.
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Game of thrones emotion_dowant A thousand times yess!
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How about music companies/musicians... I don't really care for tv related items
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My Little Pony would be an amazing sponsor right now, because they're heavily promoting the season finale. There would probably be wedding themed items along with general MLP specific items. emotion_kirakira

But I doubt it'll be My Little Pony...
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    Like many have said, I'd love a Legend of Korra sponsor. I'd do anything for some element bending poses. Oh! And clothing from the different cultures. Oh, and a backdrop of Republic City. And maybe a Naga to ride. And Korra's hair. And...
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What about the big bang theory that is a popular show?
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You'll get my avatar if you watch the show! I'm 'Grey Wind' STARK FOREVER

All you Targaryen, Baratheon and Lannister wannabes D<
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What about the big bang theory that is a popular show?
stare No... BigBang the band first or gaia will be inflames
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i would love a transformers prime sponsor <3 especially if it came with body mods and weapons and stuff like that X3
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Please NO MLP! this will cause a massive shitstorm.

Legend of Korra please!
I like MLP xD plus look at it this way: if we get MLP, we wont hear them b***h about not getting items every again 8D

But Id prefer Korra items ;33
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Glee gonk

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true blood ahurrrrrrrr 8D
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please be MLP please be MLP please please pleaaaaase I have been ever so good this year Santa
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If they had Supernatural as a sponsor I'd buy every single goddamn item.
Well, after I'd recovered from my catatonic state at seeing the announcement.

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