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I gifted a bunch of people in diff threads as an anon. I bought off their wishlists so usually it was at least 200k plus item. One person complained that they got an item twice that was on their wishlist. That kinda pissed me off. I mean I gave them an expensive gift and they complain they had multiples of it. Second they should have updated their wish list if they were posting for gifts. stressed
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Well I don't get mad if people don't say thank you but my respect for them certainly goes down. A simple thank you thread isn't hard to make. But, I get more annoyed when people complain about anons. I find that even more disrepectful than not making a thank you thread.

An exception to this is the creepy/peverted anons. I mean, when I send creepy anons, I don't feel offended if they don't make a thank you thread. Some people don't want to thank someone for making them uncomfortable. To me, that's completely understandable. But, I get a bit disappointed because I love seeing peoples reaction to creepy anon. It's freaking hilarious sometimes lol
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I kept getting junk gifts alot both anon and not, it was actually very annoying to have people, even the same people over and over give you their starter items and less to you.
A couple of years ago a girl kept dumping her junk items on me even when I told her to stop. Then got mad at me for not returning the favor by not gifting one of the many items on her wishlist.
Anyway I have gifting now blocked. It has been nothing but a nuisance to me
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-Do you get mad over people complaining for getting 'junk'?
Yes sometimes because someone took some time, thoughtand wrote a great message and send it to them. Some don't even get a message at all during events, those that do I consider lucky. To me the gift doesn't matter, the message does.

- Do you say always thanks for a gift, regardless of it's content?
Yes, everytime 3nodding

- Do you anon only during events?
Nope, I anoned the newbies. 3nodding

- Do you post in anon threads?

- Do you like Anons?
LOVE THEM!! emotion_kirakira They are soooo AWESOME!!

- Did you ever gift something without giving it much of a thought?
NO, Everytime I anoned, I give every gift I send great thought.
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I appreciate all the gifts I've gotten from anons in the past - many of which I've still kept, along with their messages. But it does piss me off when some users either complain about their gift or choose not to thank/acknowledge the user who has taken the time to give them one (unless the gift is legitimate trash and the anon is just dumping the items on other users).

Some users are becoming greedier. I don't know if it's because of the inflation, but complaining on the forums about getting a gold shop item rather than their 250k per item wish list is grossly self-centered. They didn't have to gift your bratty butt!

And this nonsense about users not giving so much as a thank you to an anon who has ACTUALLY given you an item on your wish list is completely disappointing. It takes not even a minute to send a 'Thank you' PM or a comment back. Be effin' respectful.
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- Do you get mad over people complaining for getting 'junk'?
---i haven't noticed that too much.
- Do you say always thanks for a gift, regardless of it's content?
---yes. it is amazingly special to receive a gift and i always greatly appreciate the effort and thought given to me regardless of the price.
- Do you anon only during events?
--- i tend not to anon much unless it's a cheaper gift. when i give a gift i generally don't mind others knowing it's from me.
- Do you post in anon threads?
--- not usually no.
- Do you like Anons?
--- of course. what isn't to like as long as they aren't hateful?
- Did you ever gift something without giving it much of a thought?
--- a couple of times yes, but not like i didn't think about what to give the person. i usually like to give them something that looks like their current avi could use it.
i sometimes just decide, oh, i want to give them something and then know what i want to give them, and don't think twice about keeping it. once i get that notion, the item is gone.
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I don't care about how people react to anons. It's very sweet to see people thanking anons in their signatures or even in a thread, though it does get a little annoying to see "OMG THANK YOU ANON KLSHDLKJFHKLSDFSDF" in a thread or a topic all its own over and over and over, but I don't pay too much mind to the griping. Some of the ire is well-deserved; I think that dumping real junk, like starters or <50 gold items on a stranger for no reason is kind of a d**k move and anyone on the receiving end of it is well in the right to gripe, but some of it is just the whining of ungrateful people.
My feeling is that if you really don't like the gift, you can just sell it any get something you like for yourself with the money.
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I don't expect thank yous, but when people complain that my gift is too cheap for them, it makes me never want to give them anything again. lol
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Ah ANON gifting. XD
I have such a hate and love relationship with them.
The really cheap gifts though can be 50-50 for me.

I received a pizza slice when the new gift button appeared
under the avatars (i still have it in my inventory) but I would
probably never use the item. (not much of a pizza person)

However, at one point I also got myself a cupcake. O v O
I love cupcakes and ended up using it on an avatar or two XD
I'm always thankful for ANON gifts but if its an item I can't use
I usually end up re-selling.

Large ANON gifts though. O___o I'm usually shocked and extremely thankful.
But seeing as their ANONs...I'm always stuck on how to thank them. XD
Because well...ANON. I usually keep them forever unless I really really need
to use them to step up to a related item.

Like the amazing and awesome Daniel's Wings I was gifted with once...
Man I'm still honestly and stupidly thankful for that gift. TT n TT Brings in all the good memories.

But I soon realized that I almost never used the item because of the colors.
I sold it plus a few more items in my inventory to get my Selaphiel's wings.
The ANON had given it to me to get me backwings...and basically in the end
I still got my backwings through it. O A O So GCD FAIRY. I WILL ALWAYS BE THANKFUL
Because without the awesome first backwings given to me, I would never have
been able to afford any other kinds of backwings.

Merry Xmas to all you wonderful gifting ANONs out there.
Through the years, it's what made the GCD and Gaia such a wonderful place to be.
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When I gift I rty to give something valuable for that person
like when I bought a rosamund's garland Bundle
I donated the rosamund's revenge to a girl after having a nice conversation with her about ombre dyes in a charity forum

and I don't have a charity

I also give bugs or game items to friends who post a status about needing them ^^

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