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Hey there GCD, aparently we have a new RIG, and we all know what that means... new shiny items, new artwork, new characters, and a new list =P
So, help me out here. Before you open your new RIG, remember to take the time to see how it works, what option you choose, what item you got and from whom you got it, and remember to post all that <3
Please post a link to the marketplace next to the item's name, not just the name and not just the link, thank you =D

Note: Post the names and links of the new items you get but only post names for the old items, since I won't need the links. Remember that the list of the other items avaliable in this RIG will be created after all the new items from this RIG are found (or at least the vast majority).

Please remember: that if you would like to buy, sell or trade for items from the new RIG, use the Exchange to do so.

All off-topic/spam will be reported. Go to the Hangout thread if you want to talk about anything that is not related to the RIG or its items. One of our thread members will also be giving away RIG prizes in the Hangout thread, so be sure to stop by!

Go and check: All the artwork in this RIG can be found here, all the back poses for wigs/skins and "I am" poses can be found here.

-SDPlus Dolls

User Image
SDPlus #9 Rina
User Image
SDPlus #52 Rancher Bill
User Image
SDPlus #101 Radio Jack
User Image
SDPlus #110 Capella
User Image
SDPlus #116 Pork Wizard
User Image
SDPlus #120 Carl
User Image
SDPlus #164 The Overseer
User Image
SDPlus #165 The Sentinel
User Image
SDPlus #166 Ginoverseer


User Image
Boa Constrictor
User Image
User Image
User Image
Krankles the Kiwi
User Image
Princess the Piglet
User Image
Tippy the Tapir
User Image
Carlos the Alpaca
User Image
Prince Patchouli

-Animal´s related

User Image
Squirrel Cosplay
User Image
Red Squirrel Cosplay
User Image
Skunk Cosplay
User Image
Aquamarine Seahorse Tail
User Image
Amber Seahorse Tail
User Image
Obsidian Seahorse Tail
User Image
Flight of the Macaw
User Image
Compound Eye Goggles
User Image
Shark Tooth Sword
User Image
The Gator
User Image
Order of the Iron Rhino
User Image
Apep Cobra Armor
User Image
Elephantine Guard
User Image
La Dragonne
User Image
Noble Plumage
User Image
Animal Cracker Buddies
User Image
User Image
Wild Dawn
User Image
Peyo Mascot Suit
User Image
Leopard Couture
User Image
Coonskin Cap
User Image
Big Game Trophy
User Image
Zookeeper's Jacket

-Other items in this RIG

Kitten Star (so buy lots and lots of Quakers and make it cheap so I can buy it k) U>.>)
Lucky the Cat
Mythrill Coin
Captcha Pod
Duct Tape Roll
Star Suit Mascot
Mint Frilled Hat
Improvised Cover
Electric Plug Tail
Soulfire Arm
Android Contacts
Father Nicolae
Kitty Mascot Suit
The Moon (Mewn Mew!)
Ladybug Crown
Nice Style For Work
Dark Lady Soldier Sake
Opal Borealis
Burn Devil Horns
Acid Teru Teru Bozu
Azuline Elixir
Mister Rufus
Kanoko's Frostee Sweets
Rainbow Neko Cosplay
Dewy the Homicidal Ferret
Kink's reprise
The Sun (OM NOM)
Star Lantern
Moon Lantern
Aquarium Jellyfish
Das Cleaner
Yellow Gi
Sol's Sunglasses
Oni Set
CoCo Kitty Mascot Suit
Orinkage Hurricane
Spacefleet Tech
Nano Egg
Beryl Remedy
Legion's Armor
Frigid Night Jewel
Raging Night Jewel
Shibuya Nobody
Bonne Fire
Aquarium bubbler
Oisin's Blessing
Great old one
Deluxe Flame Shirt
Babe the Welsh Corgi
Galileo's Telescope
Hot Iron Crossbow
Stupendous Strawberry
Nartian Star
Poltergeist Priest Talisman
Mysterious Passenger Luggage
Green Geist Black Candle
George's Pipe
Bacon Bits
Grandiose Imports
Ancient Naginata
SDPlus Blind Box
Princess Bird
T-1 Medi-kit
Garnet Cordial
Gau-3 Sasha
Super Dancey Dance
Day of the Dead
Melonpan of Haruharu

-Other Lists

User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image

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User Image User Image User Image 

I can has 1st page post D: ?


yaay RIGS
I hope it's Vivi and crossbon worthy scream
User Image heart
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This RIG's name sounds amazing! I can't wait. <3
EDIT: Thanks for the list! These items are love.
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Gah, I bought three and didn't get past the first stage. crying
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[ Brete says ] xxx

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First Page.

Omg, I see the annoucement!

Edit: It's beautiful crying
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Zookeeper Jacket's descriptions sounds.. hmmm...
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Wootness, new rig!~
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Love your item list threads. surprised Can't wait to see the lineup
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First Page...
But I'm not sure if I will like it~~
Well, I'll see the items!

EDIT: As always, got ripped off.
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The manga...So..cute D: Peyo <3

Piggy is cute~
new furry rig gonk

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