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I am dressed as Krampus!

Krampus? I kinda mistaken you as Zwarte Peit. >>;

Onto topic: I'm not surprised about the halo being back. I remembered I had a discussion with the user about the mysterious items before they made their appearance. I claimed that the highest price will be recolored of the backwings. She claimed that it's the Angelic Halo. I countered that it wasn't because it should be $1000, not $350. Anyway, long story short, we were kinda right about what items will be coming, just not the price. >>;

Personally i think some items are just too high that its just ridiculous, I understand making things out of peoples reach but its at the point now where even the most simplest of items are $50 min.

Guilty as charged I did it since i lacked gold and finally wanted locks like this, the others I purchased with what gold i had left, but I still think that too many items are becoming crazy in value. I mean the halo of course the most expensive item on this site but why even list it at $1000? they may as well stick never to be purchased on it.

I think if they must make it expensive then maybe $200 - $300 its crazy high but enough to tempt the pixel lovers. I personally want archangel wings but $300...its near xmas and most people on here are kids just trying to have fun. If i hadnt joined in 2004 (this is my 2nd account
so start date says 2007) but i grew up on this site for 9 years when 50k was alot of money.
How can new members truly make a beautiful avatar with these values? And why would someone who has just started pay $50 on something they arent even sure on because you would take one look at the site discover item prices and go PASS !

I want alot of the beautfiul items but why so high for fun.....

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And no one was surprised. I have a feeling it will continue making an appearance as long as they think someone will buy it.
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its to much money 1000 for a pixel item i really can justify a months wages on a gaia item although i want it if it was something like 500 maybe i get it but 1000 thats crazy money i could buy a xbox 1 and a ps4 for the halo. I can understand why gaia are doing it because theres not many around and people inflate the price.
ttly bought 1
..with gold.

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