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In my opinion, it's just a status symbol and I find it funny how Gaia continues to exploit it as such as the ultimate prize for most of their gold/item generators. For me, the Angelic Halo holds no value apart from selling it to someone who believes it does xd . Most 2003/2004 MCs are in the same boat.
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It's completely worthless now. Used to be a status item, now it's just ugly and a symbol of the dying community.
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I think the item is hugely overrated for a one pose golden donut.
I don't like how it looks, so I couldn't care less about it, really.

And it's just pixels.
If it has sentimental value for you, it shouldn't lose that just because more people can suddenly get it.
Pretty much this.
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look the whole thing is once the halo came out gaia gave people the chance to "donate" to get it. even then there was no real set limit in terms of how much to donate so gaia didn't get the money because paypal/credit card companies had to claim their fees first.

this idea about the halo has always been wrong basically
I think that the description of the halo fits for the time that it was initially released--back in 2003. Now, not so much. It doesn't change my opinion on it though. I like the item, i have the item. It feels no different than owning any other item on this site, really. I do know that the item at least for me won't ever have the same value as it did prior to being re-released.
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I'm not sure its a good idea to equate halo owners to greedy people. Isn't that stereotyping? GCD, you're better than that.

I'm a lot richer than I was back in 2006 and I enjoy gifting people because I am able to now.
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I do agree that it is less rare and more easily obtainable, but that doesn't mean that its "worthless".

As far as a status item goes, I quested it because it is one of the most expensive item on Gaia and I like challenging quests. I have never once bought gcash on this site and never will, because I don't believe in paying for virtual things, no matter how great and exclusive it is, but that's just my own opinion.
For me, its also a great investment, I can't see it going down particularly soon. Should people who quest for Alchmized backwings also be labelled greedy? For me its the same thing, and its just an item on gaia. It doesn't mean anything until you yourself put meaning into it.

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