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Handsome Shounen

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There's still items I want to buy and avatars I want to make.
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Beloved Hoarder

My obsession with my inventory.
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"Though the brightness of the sun has drifted far away...

What makes you stay?

Time and love and money invested I guess, and it's almost just a habit to get home and log on. There are also the handful of friends I've made, I'd miss them and their silly games and jokes.

What are your fond memories of this site?

I was a lurker for the first year or so I was on Gaia until I found zOMG and I joined a guild for it and we played almost everyday, I made so many friends and it made me so happy to get online and just do a run every night, sometimes staying up extra late just to finish. I miss that so much now, but sadly that had already started to fade even before Gaia's currently GC push started and the inflation problems. Guild's pretty dead now, some of my friends remain and we sorta have 'reunions' on occasion, but it's never the same anymore. People change, time marches on, can't really hold onto something like that I guess, sure makes me wish we could though.

Do you find yourself drawn to other similar sites as a refugee?

Not really, the demographic on Gaia is pretty diverse and many other sites are just..sub par or have a different attitude or feel to them, I'm usually not too fond of the styles either, even Gaia's new site the avatars aren't very stellar.

Have you experienced friends quitting this site? Why did they leave?

Yea, for multiple reasons. Some get too busy with work, family, school ect, others leave because of personal problems or they've become unhappy with the direction Gaia's taken

Have you considered quitting? Why?

Not really, I've been here for a many years now and I still like crating nice avatars, I suppose I'm here until the ship sinks, though I'd be the first to admit it's gotten a lot lonelier on here in the last year or so for me. Haven't really found a new 'home' where I've made any friends to support the loss of my zOMG buddies.

Tomorrow holds the sunlight of a brand new day for me..."
I joined in 2011...I've logged on daily since (except for a span of about 3 total weeks over a couple of years, when I had no internet access).

My daughter introduced me to Gaia - she was in her fish tank one day as I was walking past, and I stopped to stare at how attractive it looked.
It intrigued me to the point that I made my own account, with her help.
She no longer logs in, which is sad.

I remember earning my first million - I sweated over not buying some really great items I wanted, because I wanted that Millionaire achievement more!
It took me a few months, and when it finally happened I was so happy!
Now, a million isn't enough to do anything with, really.

The Easter 2011 event was the first time I stayed up all night playing a GAME - I still remember it fondly! (I caught all those bunnies!)

I've made some really great friends here, one of whom became my roommate, irl.

I stay because I can't imagine what I'd do first thing in the morning without having to feed my Hermit Cats, and the rest of the fish.
Strangely, I am really bad at Booty Grab, so I don't play it, but I pride myself on having all my tanks at 100% health & happiness. (Yes, tanks plural! - I have several accounts, none of whom are mules).

I really hope Gaia can pull out of the downward spiral it seems to be in - I would miss being here daily.
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Tiny Punk

目をキラキラさせて 僕に語った君の将来図は

      i stay because i genuinely enjoy dressing up
      and also because a lot of my friends are on here but not on tumblr where i usually am

ただ聞いてるだけで 胸が熱くなり 泣きそうになった
i think the main reason why gaia is ailing is its age.
its older then youtube, it comes from when the net was much younger and professionalism in a site was really new and fresh.
now every site looks awesome.. all these new fourms exist and the oldbies are grown up and moved on.
theres no one to take the place because the kids just use other fourms.
and gaia has nothing new or noteworthy anymore... and i think the know this, so, why not get the most out of it before it dies.
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i joined gaia about 7 years ago and made several accounts. i never really 'got the hang of it', i just rped and ran around with my rather unappealing avatars, rejoicing about being able to buy a super-cheap wristwatch from the gold shops. even though they weren't, threads like 'bump for money' felt somehow viable. if i had known then (i was very, very young, too young to be using this site) that things would be this way now, i definitely would've saved up more and tried to build myself up on here both socially and in terms of inventory, items, gold, etc. instead, i saw gaia as a diversion or a rping locale that i would check into briefly and then neglect for months on end.

gaia is still very unique to me- the forums are enormous, there is so much lovely artwork, the community is equal parts fascinating and terrifying. i do long to function as a member of this sitre, to have some kind of purpose, but it is difficult to achieve any goals. i just removed a questbar from my signature because it was 525,000,000 the other day and rose to nearly 800,000,000 now- i certainly can't afford things like that. my best bet is to draw for pay but that makes me super anxious

the items i have now are in part because of just selling only 2 pieces of art, then purchasing gold generators with that revenue (shudders) to increase the amount. it was really just luck. the rest of the items i have are due to generosity.

i guess the reason i stay is because i hope that i can make friends and have some kind of role on this site that makes me look forward to logging on each day, as achieving goals is pretty much a chimera for many users

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