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I think the highest I've ever held onto was 25 mil which I wasted it all on an Angelic Sash a long time ago. Right now I'm sitting on a little over 200k. Man I feel poor, you can't really do much with 200k like you used to on here. sweatdrop
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I wish I was that lucky with items and money. The most I've ever had at once was around 7mil and that was ages ago... I always sell stuff and then find later that they skyrocketed in price and I feel like an idiot for not waiting (sobs at oisin's blessing) gonk

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I have way too much pure and ought to invest it but I like large numbers so I haven't gotten serious about it yet.

Plus, I have no talent to vend or exchange and I can only hoard so many RIGs before selling them off becomes a part-time job. Ain't nobody got time for that.
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See, everyone else seems to be horrible at saving, I'm bad at buying... I always think that the price is going to go down so I put it off hoping the prices go down. And when I do buy something only then do the prices decrease.
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I have slightly more than 3 mil at the moment. If I had 10 mil, I say I'd clear out my wishlist, but I'd probably end up getting cold feet and hoarding it instead. sweatdrop
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No, I have not. The most I have had was about 2-3m and that was because I sold a LOT of stuff just to waste that gold on another item I wanted badly. I do not stay rich for long. = A=
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I've never not had a use for my gold because I've always had a quest to go after. The most expensive quest that I actually managed to get (with help from my boyfriend) was Mercury's Moon a couple years ago. Now that I'm back from an extended hiatus, I decided to quest for a Crimson Marionette. x_x Dunno if I'll ever get to that point, but it'll keep me going for now.

If I ever had lots of excess gold I wouldn't know what to do with, I'd put some of them into investments and surprise people with gifts randomly with the rest. It'd be a shame to see it sit there with no use.

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honestly, it's wasn't that interesting for me haha. Having expensive stuff doesn't do anything for me, nor does having a lot of gold. I also never was interested in investing when I would be just saving items to make more gold, just to buy things that I may lose interest in haha. (if that makes any sense xD) Giving away things in interesting ways was fun for me though :3
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I have 1mil sitting on a mule but I can't seem to remember the name of it. So instead, I'm relatively poor on this one.
No I am not in this position because I can't stand to sell things. I am a pack rat

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