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Omg, I finally got clambake. Thanks GCD. yum_puddi
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I use a base large amount of gold to make more gold. If I don't have that it makes the earning more gold part really hard. I don't run around saying I'm broke, but I also don't ever spend the base amount unless it's for the sake of profit.
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The last time I had any large amount of pure on me was back in February, I was questing Sly the fox. If I recall I finally traded for it via a lovely lucie plus 13 million and I had enough gold left over to buy a few more nice shiny things.

Been pretty broke every since then. I find I'm much better at sitting on my gold than I use to be, but I still get itchy buy fingers around RIG time. I do my best to refrain because the instant I splurge Gaia will release something I want the next day. XD
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Barton Senshi

          I'm in that position right now. I sold my huge ticket item a few months back to get the hair I have on and another doll I wanted badly. It was the most expensive twenty-four hours of my entire Gaian life. So here I am sitting on nearly 10.5 million, because I just don't want to blow my wad of gold on a massive item, with a wishlist full of items I could buy right now if I wanted to but don't. Still, if something catches my eye, like the skirts in the items from the Madoka box did, I'll have the gold to be able to buy them when they get to a decent price. That's what I like about having that large stash of gold.

          If you can see yourself happy with and using a big ticket item then start questing with that stash of gold and don't by anything more than what comes out of the non luxury gold shops or high ticket non gold items till you get that huge item. However, if you want to be able to afford what comes out from box to box and update to update then wait for the new box and see if something interests you there.

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I realized how easy it was to eat through just 25M in liquid funds. The gold coins just slip through my fingers. emo
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Omg, I finally got clambake. Thanks GCD. yum_puddi

I did too! Yay!
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I've been kind of like that. Since I don't quest as much as I used to anymore, my gold's been sitting around collecting dust. I'm still debating whether to sell some of my items, since I've only sold off a few and some I don't use as often as I had hoped I would.
Just recently I've decided to start buying art again, but I feel like I make more gold than gets spent since it's hard for me to find artists willing to take my commission.
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Yes. emo
I have 60million right now and just at a lost. I don't know what I want to buy or wear...and it's been like that for a month now.
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I think the most I ever had was a bit over 100mil when I got bored and sold my bunny slippers. It didn't last long... I ended up buying tons of art and then also blowing a good chunk of it on alchemy.

I was very good at saving and making money I needed for things in the past, but I've long since become lazy. Now whenever I'm broke I just go into my inventory and sell anything I feel I don't wear or use often. I admittedly never have an issue finding something to spend on. This site is overloaded with cute things I want. gaia_kittenstar
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I'm always so broke because of various reasons. I can never seem to even save to above 500k. Getting over 1 mil to get one of my dream items was a really big deal to me. If I ever got lucky to get a ton of gold, I'd probably hold onto it.
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yup.. i made 60m on one rig in one day and i had no idea how to even comprehend that i just made 60m in under 24hrs...

hence why i also have hatred threads about me on the interwebz because jealous... =]
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The most in pure I've ever had was 16 mil, though part of that was a loan from a friend to buy Lovely Lucie. I had 12 mil in pure under my own steam though. To be honest, if there's not something expensive I'm planning to buy, I'd rather keep my gold busy. I invest in things like MC letters & AC bundles, because not only is the gold amount not sitting there burning a hole in my pocket, hopefully it's working hard for me & going to earn me something when the time comes for me to sell my items.

I think that humans are naturally acquisitive, and whether we want to get more shiny items for the site, or spend it on art or profiles, we'd much rather have 'things' than just gold.

I also find it's much easier for me to save when I have a goal in mind. Otherwise, it's too easy to just blow my gold on buying things I like as they're released. I've got a lot better at this though, as I've bought most of the things I really want on the site & my current earnings outstrips my desire for new things (unless I go crazy & start buying out the gold shops or something).

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If all you millionaires don't know what to do with your gold, you can always give it to me~

Pfft, the most gold I've ever had at once was just a little over a million. I've hit that a couple times, though. I save up Gaia Cash from free offers and use it to buy a couple RIGs each month, which I sell on the MP for some quick gold. It doesn't last long, since there's always something I want, so I never have that problem. x3
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buy two million flame shirts
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No one will ever convince me you told a lie.

              I recently acquired around 7m in pure and it was so nice to have. It was the most I had ever had at once and it was glorious. Then I blew it all on hair. lmao (More specifically, my current hairstyle.)

Moriarty was REAL!

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