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I recently sold a lot of high ticket items from my inventory. I didn't have much use for them so I decided to make some cash. Now I have more fake gaia money (about 10 mil) than I've ever had since joining in 2003 (I'm rather bad at saving which is why it's taken me this long to have this much) and I have no idea what to do with it! I purchased a few expensive items from the marketplace that have been on my wish list for awhile and there are many more but I don't want to blow it once.

I'm not questing anything in particular, but perhaps I can continue to save and buy something so extravagant (AKF Hat? Golden Halo?) which will ultimately just leave me feeling empty inside as I've nothing left to strive for. Maybe I'll finally quit Gaia and choose a lucky person to receive all of my items and all of my gold. But in reality, I'm probably just going to hoard it and roll around in it a-la Scrooge McDuck.

So, has anyone else been in this position?
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at one time i had 4 million gold staring at me every single day for a few months. i really didn't have anything i wanted to purchase with it and was going to sit on it. but, i had a friend that was working on those backwings with alchemy so... i donated to his cause and became poor again.

i don't mind not having millions of gold but if there is a time, an item i truly want that is worth millions, i would try to save up on my own for it. or, try selling off inventory like you mentioned.
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Hm, you should horde it, yes. Believe me, it is very fun.
Especially when you go bug-eyed when thinking about
accumulating more gold. cool

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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If you asked me what you should do with it, right away I'd tell you to invest it—especially if there isn't anything you want in particular. That way when you do want something, you can get it right away.

Though in my experience, the longer you keep it, the more you take it for granted. Wanting the higher 20m+ items (there really aren't any significant items between 10 - 20m), makes that initial 10mil seem like nothing. Same with the people who carry 100mil+ in liquid items at all times. What they're saving up for, I don't know. But the satisfaction of having a large sum of gold wanes quickly.
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Just recently I had anywhere from 15mil - 50mil, waaaaay more than ive ever had before.
It was because I kept winning big-ticket item after big-ticket item from a RIG, and because I crafted and sold a Nice Suit For Work for a 10mil profit.
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But the satisfaction of having a large sum of gold wanes quickly.

Man, I thought I was the only one that thought like this. Last time I had 10mil I ended up donating it all away, I got so bored.
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I feel you, sister. When I started getting the hang of doing lower tier alchemy stuff (caches and cases) and suddenly found myself with 1mil for the first time, I was baffled. I immediately spent it on stupid small stuff, of course, but now I'd found the secret, the "my way" of getting gold without crushing ennui. I still never have more than 1mil on me at any time just because I am terrible at waiting for prices to decline over any period of time longer than say, a week. But it makes me happy, so I keep on truckin'. I'd say if you don't know what to save up for, then only invest in items you are SURE will increase in value (there are a few) or else wait. I don't invest much beyond one or two items that fluctuate regularly because I have a bad habit of making poor decisions in this regard.
Sorta the same boat, I used to think 500k was enough and 1mil was amazing. Now i'm sitting on 15mil without any idea what to buy.
I have a large invo with plenty of the items i've wanted so i'm not after items. It got old real fast having that much because I can't see growth in gold. When you have 10k you can see even the smallest growth.

I started to vend with the gold tho, might buy one of the old MC's since they're good investments.
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I haven't been in the exact same position before, but there have been times when I have more gold than I ever thought I would.
In those cases, I tend to enjoy my "wealth" by not spending it. Then I'll make a few costly expenses (some I may regret) at a later time.
Knowing I have the power to get so many items I love gives me a great feeling. I don't need to spend the gold to be happy!

Although, right now, I really do wish I had a nice amount of gold. I'd do anything to be able to afford Minty Kisses. emotion_kirakira
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Sitting on near 20mil and I'm holding it in for the next rig.

April rig best rig.
Nope, I do not have that problem.
I am a implusive quester.
I can still find ways to spend my gold.

However , there are many ways to use your gold and not be rich any more:
Gaian Art
Tekteks /enviro/(tipping)
New cashshop items such as CI, REI, MC or bundles
Future or past Events items
Save the gold for a future quest.

I tend to use any of these ways to make myself poor. xp
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Whenever I have quite a bit of gold I usually buy a bunch of art or donate to random quests. I'm always shy of my questing item and too impatient to save so it just goes. There's so much I want around the 2OO~6OOK range that 1OMIL wouldn't last two minutes with me.
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the most i've ever had was around 11m when i was questing for something around 20m
i got so tired of questing after just a few days though
so i ended up buying most of my wishlist
imo having a large and eclectic inventory is much better than buying 1 or 2 ridiculously expensive items
variety makes life interesting emotion_drool
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My gold usually just sits there, untouched, for months at a time. Is hard for me to figure out what to buy with it.
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I try to have at LEAST 1 mil in my account.
Right now, I have a little over 2 mil.
The most I've ever had was 11 mil due to getting Pepper the Cat from a few RIGs ago.
And somehow, I managed to blow it all. cry

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