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Oh, they look nice. :3 I wish I had realized all these birthstone items earlier (I just found out about them around Halloween time when I found the sashes, and then the anklets heart ) because I quite like all the birthstone items. I think the necklaces will be handy with matching!
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b e a r y t o r t e
I love the idea of necklaces, but why that thick, ugly strap? I guess it wouldn't be cheap if it wasn't ruined by some detail or other...although why they feel the need to do that is beyond me.

I think the strap is a lovely addition to color, and to say they intentionally ruin items would be a little far-stretched
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oh I really like it. 4laugh
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I love that top they combined it with in the first top.
I always buy my May birthstone items of the market. I can't wait for this year, but I might gonna collect them all. xd
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Looks a little weird. sweatdrop Maybe I just have to see Nov's.
cute item choice

hoping they match up nicely with our wardrobes
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It doesn't look so bad. Necklaces are pretty useful and having these gives us more color choices. I'm planning to get all of them this year.
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I would have preferred birthstone eyes or wings, but these are quite alright too. (:

Birthstone eyes would be glorious. I can see the green ones already!
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Love them. <3 I can't wait for February's (luckily that won't be too long.)

My avatar almost always wears a necklace, so I'll definitely get plenty of use out of this.
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Ooo, I like these. Can't wait for November's heart
I actually kinda like them.
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I'm not sure I like the necklaces but I'll buy the colors I like in case I find a use for them.
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????? talk2hand
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birthstone ears would be wonderful heart
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They're alright. I don't love it or hate it.

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