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Durem Phantom

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I love em biggrin
good choice!
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Dangerous Fairy

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*eyes sparkle as she looks upon the glowing jewel*



*wants it*

Myyyyy preeecioussssss
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Enduring Protector

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It's lovely heart
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Tiny Punk

User Image

cute 4laugh
but now i gotta wait eight months for my particular stone, boo
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Invisible Player

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Looks nice, good thing they layer over the shirt.
Wanted bracelets though.
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Shirtless Loverboy

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  • Marathon 300
They're nice but I still want my Birthstone Codpieces.
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Salty Sailor

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new necklace looks like crap.
Well I once again won't be buying any birthstone items this year.
I love them <3
Every year we get items matched with silver, making them far from useful (we dont often use silver). And theyre always oversaturated. This is a nice change of pace.

I feel the opposite. I won't be able to use the new items so much as I prefer silver to gold. Not going to use gold often enough to match with the necklaces.
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Codebreaking Shapeshifter

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The new necklace is nice, but I feel like it could easily get lost if you're not too careful (like now I still have to work on this avi combo). My favorite birthstone piece has been the belt/sash - I've gotten the most use out of that piece over the last few years.
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Lady Reveler

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Wow, they are so beautiful!! whee
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Invisible Vampire

I love it and I am thinking about wearing it on my birthday witch is in 7 days.
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Mega Man-Lover

It looks fantastic; the only thing I would change is have a pose where the crystal isn't glowing since that might make it more useful for some people.
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Princess Nerd

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  • Storybook Royalty 500
  • Magical Girl 50
Super Fightin Prototype
It looks fantastic; the only thing I would change is have a pose where the crystal isn't glowing since that might make it more useful for some people.
Im not too fond of the glow
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Beloved Bunny

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  • Team Moira 200
I'm happy!
It's so pretty I can only imagine it in the other colors.
And that combo with the necklace, bikini, and cincher is awesome.
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Shameless Lover

I like them :3

Eventually I just want to be covered in my birthstone ninja

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