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Birthstone Necklaces!

Elated? Disappointed? What had you expected/wanted?

As someone posted in another thread, these make for great item combos, I'm so pleased!

Oh look! More Birthstone items~

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Red Ribbon Cinch + January Birthstone Necklace + Silver Sequin Bikini Top
[or any bikini/bra I would imagine] make for a nice detailed top/shirt.

As each month comes and goes and we get more birthstone necklaces, I'm sure the other cinches will gain their own top combos. ;o

The Birthstone Necklace also seems to layer with the maid collar, and the neck ribbons.
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I would have preferred birthstone eyes or wings, but these are quite alright too. (:
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I love them <3
Every year we get items matched with silver, making them far from useful (we dont often use silver). And theyre always oversaturated. This is a nice change of pace.
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would of liked armlets or bracelets
I think they'll be helpful for those who love to match. They can give that small spot of color, and necklaces are always nice to have.
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And that's when I got...

Hm, they're ok.


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I wanted long gloves/sleeves :3

They are ok I guess, more useful than the crowns.
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I would've loved long sleeves or a codpiece, but it's okay.
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I'm very pleased with this year's birthstone design. Lovely and pretty. They will add a final touch to many avis. Gaia, you did very good.
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Distinct Vampire

Quite impressed actually. They'll be wearable for once.
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Devoted Carnivore

I think this is actually my favorite so far! The rest are pretty, but this has a nice simplicity I could use <3
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Ooooh....I actually love it.
Nice necklace with pretty
good location setting and just
the right amount of glow. 8D

Looking forward to the other colors
as the months pass!
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Me likies long time. 3nodding
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ohmygosh it's so pretty!
I am defiantly going to be buying them all emotion_dowant
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I'd still tap that

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