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If you could work on a quest which one would it be?

Angelic Quest 0.25847457627119 25.8% [ 61 ]
Demonic Quest 0.093220338983051 9.3% [ 22 ]
Fallen Quest 0.13135593220339 13.1% [ 31 ]
Risen Quest 0.021186440677966 2.1% [ 5 ]
Celestial Quest 0.14406779661017 14.4% [ 34 ]
Devilish Quest 0.10169491525424 10.2% [ 24 ]
MapQuest (Undecided/Confused) 0.093220338983051 9.3% [ 22 ]
I have no beans to give aka I don't care 0.13135593220339 13.1% [ 31 ]
http://www.gaiaonline.com/lotto 0.025423728813559 2.5% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 236 ]
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Maya's avatar

Junior Sophomore

Ooh, these are such a beautiful shade of white. 3nodding

What'd be super awesome is if, in the final stage, the wings gave the option of various poses. Extended, wrapping around yourself, one wing up, one wing wrapping, etc. Like actual physical wings, and giving some options for style in avatar making.

In any case, I'm now actually looking forward to seeing the final wings unveiled. Very pretty so far. heart
marshmallowcreampie's avatar

Man-Hungry Pirate

21,500 Points
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Those are nice, but not nearly worth the effort to get them. I'd gladly spend a few hundred thousand, but tens of millions is too much.
Kitty Gnar-Gnar's avatar

Magic Mage


Okay yes acceptable.

Although I would very much like to see the demonic 'evolved forms' soon, please. That more than anything else will let me know if I should expend time and money towards Alchemy.
Tenko72's avatar

Benevolent Genius

13,900 Points
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  • Mark Twain 100
Pretty! I like them.
Dark Metamorphosis's avatar

Dulcet Bunny

Eh..they look okay, I suppose.
Salaura's avatar

Tiny Shade

19,350 Points
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  • Battle Hardened 150
  • Brandisher 100
I'm sure that no matter how the Gaia artists pixelate/shade these puppies, SOMEONE will be dissatisfied and throw a fit.

as for me, I'm not interested in backwings, until the components and formula is available for a more reasonable price.
reokoe's avatar

Witty Shapeshifter

14,400 Points
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I think I like these...
not ANYWHERE enough to get into Alchemy any further than I already have...
But I like them.
Dark Metamorphosis's avatar

Dulcet Bunny

A real quest, sure I would for sure go for it.

Alchemy..honestly, not worth it.
Wow, I love these. They're really well made, I think the artist definitely did them justice. I can't wait to see the demonic white ones!


Edit: Really off topic, but someone finally crafted MANnequin...Creepy as hell.

I looked it up......... emotion_donotwant Why must this exist.
Chibi Halo's avatar

Barton Senshi

Your reactions to these wings?

Hmm... Why Raphael? cat_rolleyes

Are they up to your expectations, or do you THINK the final wings, based on this preview, will be up to your expectations for what "the" backwings will look like?

Since I was expecting something like [NPC] Gabriel's wings, I'd say that at this point I'm not really sure I care cat_sweatdrop
I mean, like the case with the Angelic Halo and Spectacular Golden Halo, its only a matter of time before Gaia releases a better drawn AI that has the wings move so... I dunno... Kind of kills any enthusiasm I have for these backwings (not that I had much to begin with, for that matter) cat_rolleyes

Do you like the way the artists have chosen to pixel these particular wings?

Well, they're... a bit big for the box they're in... Which I wasn't expecting... In fact, I was expecting something closer to the avi in the Welcome to Heaven post (the blonde on in the picture), given that Barachiel's (Risen Quest) and Mammon's (Demonic Quest) wings are quite, well, small... cat_stare
...You know, like, Haibane size cat_3nodding

...Plus... They do seem to lack the Angelic pizazz that I was kind of anticipating too... I hope that later versions of said wings don't, because I'd hate to think that Wing Zero, from Endless Waltz, has got more Angelic pizazz than anything the artists on Gaia could possibly come up with cat_lol

          It's kind of hard to make them similar to the wings on the blonde in that picture if Superphi no longer works for Gaia because she went off to Japan for school. Can't have them looking like the Hermes Moon wing when the person who made the original template no longer works for the site.

Kentling's avatar

Manly Regular

i want that eek
i would prefer that than the final form

time to get the angel formula
Sarula Visolire's avatar

Blessed Lunatic

9,600 Points
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Y'know, I found this in a user's photobucket.....

User Image

I left a comment asking if it was just a mock-up by some gaian or legit but never got a response. Also couldn't find any threads related to it so whatevs on that. ' ~c'

Sure looks nice for a fake if it is though. ninja
Albino Sea Monkey's avatar

Original Lunatic

Wow, they're actually prettier than I expected... and in a color that I would actually use (I hate it when they shade white items with blue.).

I don't intend on getting into Alchemy, and I doubt these will ever be what I consider to be a fair price... and yet I'm still pretty content knowing I will never own a pair unless some sort of Gaian miracle happens.
Denham's avatar

Anxious Builder

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        They're nice but I'm hoping the finished wings have individually detailed feathers, I think that would make them more interesting and worthwhile as long as the shadows weren't too dark.
Voievoda's avatar

Shy Warrior

I....like them?
Wow I always thought when true backwings came out I'd be super disappointed but these are nice.

I'll probably never get them though
Not much of a wingy kinda girl

User Image
Me too.
I'm actually impressed. I want them....but I know I'll never use em xD. Guess I'm not much a wingy girl either
*puts on wishlist*
This might get me interested enough to attempt alchemy... sweatdrop

@Sarula Visolire: Oh my. Those are soo pretty <3.

Is this a topic or something following the progress of these back-wing items?

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