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Now, I don't know how many people read the entire EI Report anymore, after Timmy's plot type thing is over, but Dr. Singh mentioned something that caught my eye:

My, my! All this melodrama has set my heart aflutter-- or maybe this weird thumping feeling in my chest is because I ate that delicious egg labeled "ALIEN EGG - ABSOLUTELY DO NOT EAT" from the research team's biohazard ice chest. I guess I'll find out soon enough!


This clearly has some awesome potential for another week by week adventure with Dr. Singh, or at least an awesome evolving item.

What do you guys think? Are you hoping for this to continue, or would you rather this just end up as a throw away gag?
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I dunno, it could be interesting. With Timmy long gone, there is no one to be experimented on, so I guess this would make some sense considering the history? I do hope it won't be something as obvious as a chest-burster though. Still Singh as a parent to some alien-human hybrid would be hilarious (yeah, my sense of humor is a touched warped).
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oh my gawd.
I hope they make her asplode and stuff.
She deserves to suffer for what she did to Timmy
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Barton Senshi

          I don't know. It kind of feels like a little something they threw in there in order to see if we're reading the whole report or just taking a quick glance at it. If they wanted to bring it to the forefront and have some plot with it they'd have to make that the focus of the report and not the little stories in the items being announced.

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Sounds like a great excuse for some xenomorphs. emotion_drool

Can we decide her fate like we did with Timmy?
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Alien chest buster.
That would be a great way to kill off one of the most boring NPCs we have emotion_awesome
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I think that it would be a nice idea.
It would generate speculation and debates, as well as cause nostalgia among those who remember the Timmy plot.

It could be interesting. emotion_c8

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Right! I actually noticed that too! My last post before this one was in the voting thread and it said do not eat the alien egg!

I like the stories that go along with the EI and REI reports and I hope something happens to Dr. Singh! I hope she turns into an alien or something! biggrin
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Tiny Werewolf

I think that it would be a nice idea.
It would generate speculation and debates, as well as cause nostalgia among those who remember the Timmy plot.

It could be interesting. emotion_c8


I miss the Timmy plot so much, we had something plot AND item related to talk about every week. heart
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OMG Are we having an ode to ALIEN movies? XD <3
Because so totally CHEST BUSTER!

Either that or the Prometheus movie ;D
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I admit that I miss Singh's antics. So I sorta hope so, OP.
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I hope for Dr. Signh to be an EI.
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I have a feeling Signh is going to have a baby...
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pregnant dr singh? emotion_awesome
sounds like a great opportunity to give people the pregnancy items they've been wanting all these years.. smile
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I saw that! While I suspect it's as someone mentioned in an earlier post --just a story to see if we're paying attention-- I would love it if it turned into a storyline. I always loved reading the EI reports because of the Timmy storyline; it made me laugh. XD If they could pick up the tradition in that again, I'd be super excited about it!

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