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So Gaians of the GCD, do you have style?

Of course all you have manners of doing things, no doubt.

But would you consider it stylish?

GCDers, when I was forced to go out later this week, I notice many different ways of dressing. some cute, some no so much.

And as I settle back on Gaia, I wonder if any of you would consider your style more than just your avi.

Like, is your sig apart of it too? What about how you post? Your profile?

Tell me GCDers! What is your style?

How has it changed since you joined Gaia?
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I am style.
I invented it in the mid 1940's
My first avatar had a giant, blood shot, read eye ball with smoke coming out of it.
So as you can see, I improved.
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For me, every single aspect & part of Gaia creates my avi. Everything defines her.
When it comes to online worlds, there are few things to really define a persona.
So that means my heart & soul have to go into giving personality to any type of character I create.

That's why I work so hard to make sure my avi, profile, post style, journal & signature are cohesive.
They all tell Milk's story & give people an idea of what her personality is through style.
I've worked hard to dream up a back story & little world for Milk on Gaia through everything I do.

If I was to define my style in three words, I'd say: sweet, elegant & alive (full of life).
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My current is radically different from my usual style.
In the AT at least, I'm somewhat known for dapper, gentlemanly looks and a generally simple-themed-matching style. This developed fairly recently, shortly before my name change. Before then my avis were still simple-themed-matching but much less focused on certain themes.

I haven't updated my profile in ages, and I don't think my style is reflected in how I type. I don't have a post style to speak of (yay minimalism!) and I typically just use my signature for informational purposes rather than aesthetic.
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I do have a tendency to do things in a certain way. When dressing my avatar, to dressing myself in real life.

I'm quite sure it wouldn't be considered stylish though, but I can at least say I tried. xD

And well...
From 2003 to now I went from hardcore matching which tended to be really weird looking avatars due to the lack of items to well...Now where I take a style that could be inspired from lolita, or... some inspiration from the Victorian era(which I don't do often. u_u I don't tend to favor long skirts, most on gaia make feet look weird with the toes sticking out haha. )
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My style on Gaia?
Does it make sense when it's half "im all buisness" and half " eccentric fantasy pirate"?
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y style is to create a smuch internet kipple as possible while hav- no, while enjoying myself. also for some reason this box is lagging as i type so if there are any errors lol you're afadfsfddsfdsfasdfsdfsadf

asdfsadsfdasfadfsfds <- my style
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Style was somewhat limited in the past. Oh, goth boots. How I once loved you.
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          Ummm I guess my style is to be colorful...and try and make the avi not look like a human, but a humanoid creature emotion_c8

          But as far as more trendy manners of dressing up an avi....I wouldn't consider myself stylish. Nor in any other aspects of the site. Some people's post styles are really cohesive with how they represent themselves...I just wanted a kinda reddish brown color cuz I was tired of looking at black.
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Boss Ghoul
I am style.
I invented it in the mid 1940's
My first avatar had a giant, blood shot, read eye ball with smoke coming out of it.
So as you can see, I improved.

I do give you props on being one of very few, actually willing to wear the stone ogre skin. And being able to pull it off biggrin
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My style has changed alot..When I first started, I went with very simple avi's, then I started making darker avi's. And my style just changed so much taht I don't fit to jsut one. I go with whatever the hell I want. Like right now my avi is nothing more, than a grumpy old geezer, who is teaching a class, with a cigar in his hand. Sometimes I may have a simple avi, but when it is, there is a theme to it.
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I've become less of the typical "emo kid"
When I first started I had an avatar wearing all black with cuttlephones and goth boots.

Now I'm a bit bipolar with my avatar, profile and signature.
All of it can be either cute, sexy, weird, or awesome.
Just depends on what I want at the moment.
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I got no style. >:T
So then... is my style posting in threads that don't apply to me?

I try to have creature-y avatars. Have since I joined. Ages ago it used to be all antelope-person all the time. Now it's just like whatever man. I was on a roll with cats for a while. Today it's a fish thing. I dunno.
I think that's like, the only thing that I consciously strive for. Maybe I'll go change my profile's colours to match my avatar too. No one will see it, but... still...
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I think I'm absolutely adorable, at least right now... I wish my profile was better though, I also want to have a nice post style.
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I have style in the sense I try to match my profile, post style and sig to my avatar. Which I consider to be quite a stylish one emotion_awesome

I used to be obsessed with bluexpurple avatars. Used to try to match those base colours with browns and blacks.

Kept the blue part though. It is the only thing I've carried through since I joined.

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