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Nope, I've been on here pretty constantly since 2006. Even with a ban to my original I started another account and haven't stopped since.

The only time I took an extended break was in 2008 because it was my senior year in high school and ******** that s**t I wanted out. The only absolute way for me to never return to Gaia is if it becomes pay to play. which I'm highly doubting will happen
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I left around 08 and came back, for now.
I might take an extended leave again, or forget about the site eventually.
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Have you ever thought of quitting Gaia, if so why? Yes, because of the removal of HoC and the plan to center the site.
Are you planning on quitting anytime soon? Probably as soon as the site becomes centered. My original plan was to quit once I got a full-time job.
What makes you log into Gaia regularly? It's the only thing I really do on the internet. Plus, this is the only way I can talk to some people on here.
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I left Gaia 2006, then came back the 2008. I will only be on hiatus, but will never leave. I love this site so much.
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I actually still come on here to look at the announcements and boggle at how ridiculous the staff is. But I've severed all emotional ties and all the people I used to hang out with have left.

It's sort of liberating.
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If I ever get to the point that I don't wish to lurk around Gaia anymore,I'll probably end up doing what I usually do when I quit a site.
Of course at the moment I have very little places I want to go to anymore on the internet.So quitting or being on Gaia less often isn't on the plate.xD;
I joined in..what. Early 2005 on my original account. Used to ******** love this site, even when I was too young to donate. When the cash shop came out, and the cards, I was excited as ******** some s**t, got some cash, bought some of the first item that never ended up being worth s**t, etc.
Eventually I started joining other avatar sites and realizing how good avatars could look, and lost interest in Gaia. Terrasus/Syndrone were the ones to eventually lead me away, haha, and I barely come back.
But I never officially 'quit' because my account was always there with goodies. Now that I've decided to completely quit on all the avatar sites I'm on, I'm working on completely emptying my accounts for art so I don't have anything to come back to.
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Not quitting; got nowhere else to go right now.
But not giving Gaia any money either.

I'll just keep lurking around til the walls come crumbling down...
Gaia got really boring in 08 after the charm of zOMG wore off
so I left and ended up coming back in late 09 because I suddenly had too much freetime

It's pretty much been a series of mini-hiatuses and short periods of daily logins since then
though it's been a pretty long one with all these going ons
maybe the wrong sort of passion
but it's nice to see the community feeling something again
I'll quit once those folk leave and the passive asskissers kill the site
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I am currently on the fence between quitting and staying. For one, I hate the new management. The new management is about 97% of my discontent with this site at current. The other 3% is the divide between the users.

I am tired of seeing the rich ridiculing or degrading the poorer users. I am sick of seeing users fighting over topics. I am sick of all of the "Gaia is dying," and "no it isn't shut up and leave if you hate it so much."

This site used to be fun. It used to be friendly. It is nether fun nor friendly anymore, and I am really disappointed at what this site has become in the past few months.

While I am reluctant to pack up and leave, I am set in my ways of no longer buying Gaia Cash. If I stay, I will be a free player who earns everything with gold. However, hat is going to be a difficult task as long as management keeps pushing out Flynn's Booty.

I do not want to quit, honestly, but I feel like there will be no merits in staying all the same. And if I do quit, then I will never come back. I do not go back on my word.
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I've already given away my inheritance of stuff, I'm just here waiting for the site to crash and burn. c:
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I've been on Gaia since 2007 and I've absolutely loved the site since then. It truly breaks my heart to see how the moderators and staff don't seem to care about the members anymore. All these new changes are just horrible. What really set me off recently was the pop up that appeared advertising that item, I forget it's name. I had tried to log into Gaia on my phone and that popup appeared and wouldn't let me close it and it froze my phone. If they alter the forums I'm completely done. I love roleplaying in them and I will be so infuriated if they get messed with.

Have you ever thought of quitting Gaia, if so why?
I thought of leaving Gaia before for personal reasons. I actually left for a year before.

Are you planning on quitting anytime soon?
Honestly, I'm thinking about it. I really don't want to. I'm hoping Gaia will shape up.

What makes you log into Gaia regularly?
Roleplays. Only roleplays.

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