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I don't plan on leaving Gaia anytime soon. I'm going to keep my wallet tight for now, though. Hopefully Gaia lets up on all the... cash grabbing soon. Soon as in, immediately.

The only way I'd be able to leave Gaia permanently is when it shuts down (which I hope it does NOT).
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Honestly, yes I have considered quitting a few times when I got really bored. However things picked up so I changed my mind. Usually it’s my friends and Tarot shop that make me log in regularly, coupled with the fact that I participate in achievements and are working on the 90 days of logging in achievement.
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Too hooked. I will need medical assistance to get rid of my Gaia addiction. I'm not ready. emo
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The only way I would quit is if Gaia becomes pay to play, which hopefully will never happen.

This. Usually if I disappear its cos of IMPORTANT SCHOOLWORK.
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I've entertained it, mostly in the last year because I got really inactive for a while there, but I don't think I'd ever actually quit. I'd come right back to my account, and even if I don't do anything on here, I always catch myself coming online and playing with my avatar when I don't have anything else to do online.
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Magic Hellraiser

I've taken breaks, but never officially left, been on here for almost 7 years.
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I've thought about itt <: Only recently tho.
Not because of anything Gaia related tho, mostly time restraintss emo
I highly doubt I'd be able to thoo LOL, maybe a bit of a hiatus ?
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I've taken year or two breaks from Gaia, before.
At least one of those times was because of all the Cash pushing.
I won't be surprised if I do that, again, although I have no definite plans.

I am, however, never going to buy GC with the site being pushed in the direction that it is.
I'm not supporting Gaia's recent decisions with my wallet. Not in the slightest.
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I joined in 2005, then lost interest and came back in 2007. If I ever get bored, I just take a break for awhile and come back when I'm ready. I really doubt there will ever be a time where I just flat out say that I'm quitting forever.

From what I've seen, people who make a big deal about QUITTING THE SITE FOREVER IT'S GONE TO s**t OMG LEAVING FOR GOOD usually end up either coming back soon after, or never even really leaving at all. I generally consider it just an empty threat and don't really care.

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The only way I would quit is if Gaia becomes pay to play, which hopefully will never happen.
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After Midnight Booty Call
I've taken breaks, but never officially left, been on here for almost 7 years.
What they said. I've been on a few hiatus' before. Once leaving for a year for personal reasons/college.

But I find my way back from time to time.
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Tan Shoujo

            I promised myself that I would quit next year, after my 10th gaiaversary;
            But that's more than likely not going to happen >>

            But I usually go on 'hiatus' during spring/summer;
            So unless there's a House Competition of some sort (Rejected Olympics etc.), I'm gone.
            I guess I keep coming back to see what I've missed in those months & gear up for end of year events
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Have you ever thought of quitting Gaia, if so why?Yes,i felt tired,everyone being selfish on this site :/
Are you planning on quitting anytime soon?Maybe,because of this ridiculous inflation @@ it kills me alot seriously
What makes you log into Gaia regularly? Make some profit,and get my dream item,mini nitemate wings
I come to Gaia for pretty much the same reason I go to any online forum: just to see what people are talking about and briefly entertain myself. I tend to take breaks from Gaia though, it isn't the funnest site, I guess because it's just based on interaction. I don't play the games here so all I can do is browse forums, buy low and sell high on marketplace and create avatars on tektek, which is probably what I do most of all three. So I definitely wouldn't say I'm addicted to the site. I've taken breaks for over a year before, and I can do it again no problem, just don't have the desire to right now.

Quitting World of Warcraft however....

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