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Surprisingly enough....
Account Worth: 108,397,617 ($2,709.94 at 100,000 gold per $2.50)

Nothing AI'd. I guess I sell the "cheap" items if I don't use them. So I rarely have anything AI'd.
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Magic Mage

Eh, tektek's reading of my account worth is always useless. I have too much stuff spread out over accounts for it to be an accurate measurement of my overall worth. I went through and tried calculating everything and adding it together... once. Never again.

It gives me about 60mil on this account, top two priciest items still Nightmare Scarf and Oisin's Blessing. Yep. Ah, dammit, I forgot, my Ancient Katana got moved since last time I did this. Ooh, hey, some s**t's inflated since last time. Wow, Jolly Time Traveler, I guess they stopped releasing you in RIGs? Angelic Manner and Demonic Style, you two assholes are the best cash investment I ever made. lmao Saint Ciel Agape through the freaking roof. Too bad I never sell anything, guess I'll just stay pitifully gold-poor.
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Mine's like, just above 12mil

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Being worth only 12mill after 5 years is pathetic, haha.

in that case...being worth 25mill after 9 is more-so pathetic.
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I love the account worth feature on tektek, it helps me decide when and what to sell.

But I don't really pay attention to how much it actually says I'm worth because of the inflation issue. Just yesterday it was telling me my Gilded Aviary was valued at 1.2mil (It's usually about 14k)
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Account Worth: 9,856,685 ($246.42 at 100,000 gold per $2.50)

It's not actually far off for once. (More like 9 mil, rather than almost 10, though since the White Rabbit Nurse is inflated at the moment.

Still, it's pretty sad, considering I've been here since '03, and while this isn't my original account, I've never been banned or hacked. xD Ah well, I've made a lot of people happy, and my other account has a ton of gorgeous art, so that's what matters.
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Giant White Eggshell.

It sells for 500k, but it's impossible to sell because no-one wants it. -.- I wonder if I should just rash it. . .
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Yesterday I think it was the corallus egg which ended up inflating my worth by a good 1m, which is a shame since I thought I'd gained 2mil back since I donated some panda slippers to my little sister sad

Tektek gave me false hope crying

Also, I'm in the boat of about 7-8 years of Gaia, and not a considerable amount of gaia worth razz
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I'm at 182million right now. My worth changes dramatically because of my doll collection. Right now Edy is going for 40 million. He's a nice doll with a cool wig but 40 million? C'mon!
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Giant White Eggshell.

It sells for 500k, but it's impossible to sell because no-one wants it. -.- I wonder if I should just rash it. . .
Donate it to Dumpster Dive and give someone a heart attack! rofl
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just goes to show that not only is tektek inflated and false, but so is everything else in market.
all the items are wayy to expensive. I mean there SHOULD be a challenge, but not one that will take your whole life to get gold for one item that will most likely end up being out of stock

(edit) plus i don't know how to make a s**t load of gold like most of you.
account worth over 100 million? pssh that's the worth of my dream avi, stare
Account Worth: 286,473 ($7.16 at 100,000 gold per $2.50)

the most one of my accounts has ever been worth was about 5 million.
So do any of you have any good tips besides spending my whole life watching MP for a misprice or wasting my real money on gold?
I mean idk how to vend, all I know is that you either watch for misprice or buy low sell high, which makes no sense to me because for one, I have no gold so I can't buy anything to start with, two, I'm impatient and don't like to wait 6 weeks for an item to sell. :s plus how will it sell if you buy a cheap = starter and sell it for higher = 60000000 gold? ( eg. idk that's just how I see it..)
and I used to zOMG back in 2010 but ever since the nerf came it's impossible to make gold now.
I did some math and I found out for me to make 100 million gold it would take 60 million non-stop days of zOMG WITHOUT getting nerfed.
so. yeah. um...
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I won't go by the total provided, I just scan the top 10 and let that be my total.

And let me add.. that total would make my 2003 self cry. ; )
I haven't actually checked in years, and it's a pain to do because 50% of the time it doesn't work, it just says calculating. Forever. But I'm sure it's not over 10mil =u= And I've been here for more than half a decade, lollol.
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just from the math, i have a mule worth 26bil, which constantly gets inflated to 5tril.

it makes me feel awesome, but upset at the same time neutral
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Jesus. Everyone in the GCD is hella rich.

My account is only worth 31,466,973 g

...which felt like a lot to me until I looked at everyone else.


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