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Shhhh, alright now. There are lots of threads to talk about all this. I'm really enjoying the conversations on this thread because it's not only filled with intriguing and interesting ideas but it's a refreshing step away from all that is generally being discussed in the GCD at the moment.

On the topic once more, I recently sent a gift and I thought about the gift boxes you have as options, I'd like to see a sort of drop box for the ribbons and gift box colors instead of merely being able to choose between certain already preset combinations. I think it would be simple and efficient to click a color that you would like instead of settling for what is only available.
I would have to agree. Choosing an item of color choices would begreat!
I wish people wouldn't lash out at each other. If someone is incorrect you can say something nice...
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In my opinion it's cool to wear sets. If you like it just do it. I know that in the marketplace you can try on an item I different poses with or without your applied items.
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Improvement, and updates to the world map.

Followed by more & bigger gold shop updates.

And more NPC interaction.
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Having the choice to remove the achievements you've unlocked as a pop up is something I would absolutely love to have happen! It often times catches me by surprise that I've even completed an achievement and a large amount of times the pop up is difficult to manage and click out of.

Yes the pop up is annoying, the animation for me is enough to alert me that i’ve achieved something. Indeed, I agree it is a bit difficult to click out of that pop up at times.
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I'd like to be able to see which posts in a thread got a lot of tips. I want to see what my fellow gaians like. Like a animation of gold spinning next to the tip button or something.
Jeffrey M Roth
I would like the ability to 'turn off user post styles' so that way if there's a font that I can't read, I don't have to copy/paste it into notepad to read what that user is writing... sweatdrop

This would be incredibly nice. I basically never care about the fancy formatting that users put into their posts, and would gladly take it out if I had the option.

I would like to have the option to select the pose of multi-pose items in my inventory, or tag them in some way. It is rather annoying to be searching for a pair or pants you like, and trying to remember if it's a hat or a bird in its default pose. Or my rather massive glasses collection, which is all on the Accessories tab except for a handful of items scattered about in all the others. I'd either like to use an "All" tab (so that I can group together items I wear together) or just tag things so that I can set up my own personal "Glasses" tab.

I'd like to have Gaian Time show up on forum pages and in fishing, just as a little thing in the upper right. It's a really minor change, but it would be nice to see what "time" it was anywhere from the site. (Also, would help with Towns collecting.)
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If by monthly items you mean like rigs and MC's, then you are still mistaken. Those do not generate any gold. Flynn's Booty and the exception of fail rig items are the only things from the cash shop that generate gold.

Your 2nd "tweak" suggestion isn't really a problem at all. Simply wait until you can change your profile back to classic. I don't even understand why this is such a big deal anyway, since I've never heard of a time limit to change profile styles, though I could be wrong.

Try to be a little more concise in your original post before you lash out at someone.

you should go post in the sensitive thread then rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl
seriously, listen to what she is saying to you. You may learn something instead of continuing to spit out false information.
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I would like if there were MP links from the cash shop for the items they hold at the time.
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More updates to the manga.
I'd like a Go-to-moderator/admin/artist's posts button in the ATA threads. I don't like reading through a bunch of spam of people trying to be noticed by staff. It's rather boring. That being said, the staff posting emoticons is irksome too...
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I just want to see some more great items that don't cost a ridiculous amount in terms of GC (maybe form the RIGs and EIs instead please?) ; A ; ohgods I'd love some more pastel colours. More creeeaaaam 8D
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Once the site becomes centered aligned, I'd like to see it changed to left aligned.
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I would like to see the flash spaces worked on a lot more thoroughly. I feel like they're very glitchy and sloppily put together. Gaia seems to really center around avatars and communities, but the flash spaces that we come together in to interact in real time are sub-par in comparison to the effort spent on making things for our avatars.

This isn't really a tweak or change, but I'd definitely like to see a feature in which we can have old, abandoned usernames freed up and used for ourselves. For instance, I'd like to have the username "Deo", but alas it's taken by someone who hasn't logged on since god knows when. If they could provide a service that either costed gold or a (reasonable) amount of cash they would receive my patronage!

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