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Konan Tatsuhiko
Ridley Starsmore
Konan Tatsuhiko

SEE EVERYONE you people don't need another white dye xD
I'm with Druddigon Masterpieces FTW

Except I can't use MY eyes.

I know I can't use my favorite eyes either (alas salon eyes)
but it's the price I pay for nice skin ;w;

At least I can use eye and face mods
If they'd never fixed that I doubt anyone would use it as much

Part of the reason I am going after the white body dye.
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I'm liking the blue...shame for lacking of good ear matching sad but a good alternative to the blue elf skin, and no knobbly knees with it

The pink is quite nice.... a good alternative to pink body dye.... again ears not matching is annoying..... I like ears if no one guessed ;P

And the yellow is well.... Custard anyone? I have a mule playing with it... again shame on lack of ear matching... the smaller elven ears aren't far off, but I prefer the Elking ears and they don't look right.

As for a Vanilla.... I'd say yes... it is all well and good that there are alternatives for white skin... most are expensive or have oddities... I think I favoured the lotus in my days of having white skin a lot
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Konan Tatsuhiko
A Madness Most Discreet
Konan Tatsuhiko
I swear I must be the only person who doesn't really care if they make a white one or not
(and no it's not because I have one because I don't)
I mean seriously people there are more colors out there then white
like lavender! I want to see some nice purple skins ;w;

You don't care because you have a pale marionette which has a nice white skin. neutral

I don't have a pale marionette emotion_eyebrow
If you'd bothered to look at my equip list
(It's not hidden you know, I don't hide it)
I'm wearing Masterpiece + Little Lucie

Also the pale marionette has coloration at the joints if you've ever noticed
as well as the skin being slightly blueish in tint
which is one of the big ways to tell the two apart

SEE EVERYONE you people don't need another white dye xD
I'm with Druddigon Masterpieces FTW

Semantics. The point is you have an item with a white skin. Those without would love a low cost alternative.
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S'cool. I'm happy being a dark elf, though.
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The pink's rather nice. I'm gonna stick with my skin though.
Ruin Maestro
I don't understand why everyone wants a Vanilla Smoothie because we already have tons of alternatives to the White Body Dye.

There are probably more white skins than there are black or grey.

Yes, but most of them are either see-through on some parts or have crappy shading. I mean, if you want white skin, you'd want it to be white, instead of having purple-ish panda eyes or a black/grey jawline.

The white body dye is still the best white skin there is.. wink

I personally prefer the sketchy white skin the best; the name is lost in my mind at the moment.
A cheaper alternative.
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Interesting, though not much of a pink/blue/yellow skin fan. Prefer my white body dye, although probably wouldn't have minded a vanilla cream skin like everyone else posted. Still nice to have more options. ^_^

The white sketchy skin is from the Pale Self Portrait item. They also have a yellow/blue/pink version in the other versions.
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Still no announcement? Weird.....
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How cool.
It's a cheaper alternative than the body dyes.
Not sure if I'll ever use them.. but me likey.
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I really love them, once Rosamund's Revenge is over I'll play around.
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Aekea Bunny

hope to see more.
Gaians have been requesting for 'pastel' skin dye.
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They're cute, kinda odd though. I bought one thinking it was 1k, whoops silly me blaugh
i think i'll go back to being the darkest of elves though. I'm all for color just not this much one one lol

[[This is redundant of me but please make a white one. Please make a white one. Please make a white one.]]
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I dont need a white one cause I got my Mari, but I think it would be good for everyong trying to find 3-4mil for white body dye
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I love the smoothies and hope they add more colors eventually. 4laugh

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