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Soooo...CrosStitch. We all love a new store, with new items (and item contests!); especially if it's a gold shop one. But this shop's had a bit of controversy right out the starting gate, it seems. Just where in the land of Gaia is located?!

With the release of the mini comic that CrosStitch came with, the first immediate sign points to Durem, since we see Moira welcoming Stein; the owner of CrosStitch, to the neighborhood- which would likely be Durem. Stein's a classy guy and would fit right in there; and that Moira wouldn't mind him using her Durem Depot's theme of black and red, with skulls, buuuut...there's some signs pointing to his shop being located somewhere other than Durem....

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From the mouth of meep:

Despite the mini-shop featuring Moira from Durem, CrosStitch lacks certain features that the Durem shops share (such as, for example, the concrete side-walk-ish area in front of all the Durem shops when you see their shop fronts). Furthermore, if you look CrosStitch's shop front, there exists a windmill, but unlike the Barton windmill, it is noticeably damaged, making it similar to the one in Halloweentown. Furthermore, …......if you look at CrosStitch's front, the decor (roof, windmill, sidewalk) all match that of Halloweentown (as featured on the old world map)... Which leads me to believe, quite soundly, that CrosStitch is in Halloweentown (at least, evidence until stated otherwise proves this)..

But this bit of controversy gives this old Glompie some hope! Hope that, if CrosStitch is actually located in Halloweentown, that its location on the Gaia map will finally be given a makeover. Look closely, and you'll see that in spite of the similarities; the windmill, the style of ground and roof, Stein's store still doesn't quite fit with the center building we see in Halloweentown's map. I feel like I should also point out that Stein can be seen peeking out from a cylindrical-shaped tower, connected to a shorter building that what's seen in the center of Halloweentown, with a view of the windmill in the background (the only building with a tower that could provide a view of the windmill in the background); and that the roof of the windmill is different.

The building layout and structure in CrosStitch's background is completely different that what's shown in Halloweentown, so I figured that with the release of the new store, we just might be seeing a change in Halloweentown's map as well.

Here's Lanzer's say on it:
The Halloween map is pretty awesome, if we ever get the chance to expand on our world map after the Towns update is finished I would have the maps brought back in. Someone like Stein would be great to show up there.

So, GCD, what do you guys think the dev team might've had planned for Halloweentown, when they released the map in '07? What sort of shops; what sort of features do you think they had in store for the desolate town; back then? It was obvious that Ian was running his silly little costume shop in Barton long before Halloweentown's release, so he was already stealing Jack's thunder. Damn vampire halfbreed.

Do you believe that Halloweentown can still hold some purpose, today? What sort of shops or features linked do you think would be appropriate for that area, today, and will we ever see them? Would CrosStitch be a start, since it does look like it's in Halloweentown territory?

Naturally, the other towns have updates in their futures, too; if only to accommodate the newer shops that found their way in, over the years. Do you see relocation for any of the shops, in the future; or uses for currently ignored shops, like the Love Building in Barton? Would Ian be better packing up and moving his costume shop over to Halloweentown? I think Jack would welcome him with open arms.
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There is that windmill in both pics.
I believe this 3nodding
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I know I replied to one of your topics saying stein fit in with the Durem crowd but...

Meeps quote just sold me.
I would love to see an update in Halloween town.
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Nah I say Durem is where the new shop is. There is a windmill in Zomg as well .
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I can't tell. It'd be easier to if his shop was on the map too.
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Hmm well that windmill...
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Nah I say Durem is where the new shop is. There is a windmill in Zomg as well .
Durem's not even in zomg
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My logic from what is based around the shop not to mention the shop itself, it's in halloweentown. Sure could I be wrong. But halloweentown is the only play that has windmill beside Barton. Clearly that is not Barton. Therefore...HALLOWEENTOWN!! *crossed eye and drooling*
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/nostalgia so hard from maps </3

Man, that's sweet they actually, even kind of, discussed the location of a new shop in terms of the old map. I love the placing and think it's pretty perfect.
I seriously wish they still incorporated the maps into navigating, and actually would do something interesting with mysterious ol' Halloween town.
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My logic from what is based around the shop not to mention the shop itself, it's in halloweentown. Sure could I be wrong. But halloweentown is the only play that has windmill beside Barton. Clearly that is not Barton. Therefore...HALLOWEENTOWN!! *crossed eye and drooling*
sounds like good logic to me. I wonder why Moira says "welcome to the neighborhood", then, if it actually is in Halloweentown; and not in Durem (or Barton).
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I can't tell. It'd be easier to if his shop was on the map too.
I agree. Gaia needs to update the maps so we know where the shops are. That's the whole point of them, isn't it?
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Honestly, I've been wanting to go to Halloweentown since I saw it back when I first joined. I've always been upset that we've never gotten a chance to get anything out of this place other than some stale header we get almost every Halloween.

I've always wanted a Flash area, or at least a bunch of shops in Halloween town to be visiting, especially after we got Store Fronts. There's no doubt about it, CrosStich has to be somewhere in Halloweentown, so hopefully we can get an update on it.

I'm also hoping that if Towns 2.0 let's us go to other towns (finally) Halloweentown is an option, same with the Graveyard that you have to cross through to get to that desolate town.

The one thing I thought we would get from zOMG was the ability to actually go to these two places, and even the mansion, but with it going down, I doubt I'll ever get my dream.

As for other stores, there are TONS of other building in the many towns of Gaia that could be useful but we never see. For example, one off the top of my head is that music shop you can get a quest from in zOMG. I would LOVE it if they give us an item shop that sells musical instruments and clothing that has a musical theme, but I doubt that'll ever happen.

I really hope the Gaia maps gets an update though, especially since I don't think Josie's Shop or Carl's shop is anywhere on that map, and when you actually GO to these shops, or hover over them at least, you just see "shop" or something stupid like that, not the actual name of the shop you're going to =/

I also kind of wish they could do what they did on the old world page, where it had like a Gaia Index of each part of the map, and a little description for each area. I think the main picture it always showed was the area just above where Bill's Ranch is located. I always thought it was cool that Gaia added that, that they actually had a little description of each area of their world and what was there, even if you couldn't physically visit.

TL;DR - I kinda got off topic sweatdrop
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Hmmm. . . Yeah, I believe it. But, I won't lie, the Windmills do look different from each other. . I also thought that what if this shop was located in Bass'ken?- Because there's a windmill over there, too! And it gets kinda foggy there at night as well! (I don't know, it made more sense to me in my head lol!!)
But yeah, if it is in Halloweentown (which is more than likely where it may be), I'd be just as happy as I am now. Maybe they'll give us more stores! Like, rather than going to one store for certain things we could have more options! Like decor! If you want a Gothic Styled house, Halloweentown could hook you up with decorations! Better than what you would find in The Faktori! Those robots better watch out! There may be some new competition heading their way!
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At first I was going to say "I hope they do a map update and completely re-draw the map in a different style. It looks so cartoony now."

... but then I went and really looked at it, and I realized how much it looks like zOMG. So... now I don't think they should change the style too much. They tie together pretty well.

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As much as I want the shop to be in Halloween town, aside from the windmill it looks nothing like it. All of the buildings are too uniform and clean looking in my opinion, it just looks like a normal city.

Could be though, I'd love to see Halloween town get some love. Maybe even show up in a towns versus event.
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