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I use my journal to quietly rant and record events. As with real life journals, I hardly ever read back through past posts, but the act of writing is therapeutic.

I would be sad if this feature disappeared. I find it useful, underutilized by the userbase and a small update would be welcome.
look at my avis~

is all I see it being used for
and that's kind of all it really needs to do

I guess it'd be nifty if you could directly post flashworld "photos" or event stats
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I use it sometimes to post about Gaia stuff for myself, though it can be read by others. For actual blogging, the Gaia journal system is too simple.

Even so, I think it should be updated a little. At least to make it match the site if not to make it easier to find random journals to read.
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My journal gets a variety of uses. I post the rare manly art I receive, nonsensical notes, though one entry is currently being updated on hilarious quotes about me that others have said because I'm a narcissistic b*****d. Lately, however, it's been OC updates for both Jor and Slick.
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    This thread could give me some ideas... Like the Tekteks in progress one, even though I just use the Closet feature and type the items I need as the title.

    I've never really used the Gaian journals, I'm not good with keeping journals in general, I lose interest rather quickly. Right now I have two entries for my "art" collection LOL and donators. sweatdrop I just don't really know what to write about.

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♥ ♥

My journal is used to house avatar art I've made (even though I rarely update it)
which renders it kind of useless.. x_x

And also I've used it to write one revelation I had toward the beginning of my
new job. Basically ranting about how much I hate it, how incredibly horrible
it was on my mental health and also, how I felt stripped of my own personal
image 8D

But hey, I've been there almost a year now and have gotten 'fired' from
what I was originally hired for and now get to spend my days in, mostly,
solitude. It's pretty kick a** now aside from a few minor hiccups here
and there.

But yeah, I guess if I ever have another really intense moment of
revelation from something in my life then I will rant about it there. It
depends on if I'm too lazy to log into my LJ account or just rant on
facebook instead. xd

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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No active posts lol
I used to use it a bit, mainly saying thank you to people for gifts and so on, but I was never a diary-keeper kind of person.
We can save avatars on tektek itself and in our outfit slots, and dev alerts means staff journals are not so stalked now, I guess. I think people still like to use them as diaries.......although for 20k (is it still 20k?) you can buy yourself a whole guild for that, which I think would be more versatile.
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I currently use one entry to house my avatar art collection xp .
Getting a bit big now...as there are almost 140 pieces in it. Might have to make a second entry....
On the bright side I edit it almost constantly *clings to journal*.
I used to have an entry about the character, but I moved that to my roleplay OC's thread. And once upon a time, I used it for rants. But that got awkward. People actually go in there and read em, and leave comments *shudders*.
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I used to use my journal to store avi art, but eventually I got lazy and abandoned that practice. xD Now I have a photobucket account for that purpose and even though it's outside of Gaia, it's alot easier to manage.
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I just use my journal to count my gold in ... to get some more gold. lol
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I don't actively post journal entries often,
but I use it all the time to record things from my quest.
It's quite handy for storing old information I may need later
like past posting codes or random OC information.
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some people keep track of characters in theirs, but these days it's a lot easier to just make a thread in the test forum.
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processing data . . .
I have not made use of mine yet.
but this thread has given me some good ideas.
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I use mine, for collecting screenshots and art. xd
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I use my journal to vent about stuff, ramble inane things to myself for no particular reason and to accommodate art I receive.
Well, the art thing's sorta not been organised well at all. Most of the art I get is saved on my Photobucket. gonk

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