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Magical Girl

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Hmm... You know what I would like? cat_rolleyes

An auto-arrange feature for our inventory! cat_mad

Seriously, it could organize by color, by name, by item number, by quantity, by premium status, single-pose items, etc, and we can organize according to tab too (so, I can organize my tops by color, while I organize my items by item number, and organize my hats by name) cat_3nodding

Seriously, who needs the really old, etc, inventory arranger if we just had an auto-arrange feature! cat_blaugh

I mean, sure, manual organization should be made available, but I think this would be a great feature to have available now cat_whee

Please dear god yes. My inventory is always such a mess!
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The ability to save profile coding/layouts like you can with outfits. 3nodding
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Friendly Cultist

An update to the inventory arranger.
That is seriously the only thing I want.

/inexpensive backwings lol
Sometimes it's like Gaia stabs me with knife (makes me wait years for backings) and then twists it (so unattainable).

that sounds so dramatic lol
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Stone-cold Cat

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Omg enough with all the wings.

Also what happened to those animated eyes they trialed?
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I wish they'd stop pumping out so many items

they're ruining their own economy

I agree with this

If they continue like this, they also might run out of ideas one day, or start getting repetitive with some items. I could need a break with items. I'd spend less money into this site emotion_facepalm

I rather want them to update features on this site.

- Item arranger
- the Arena
- zomg
- new games, since they lost a few last year
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Dapper Conversationalist

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I agree with the post style thing. Would be nice to not have to copy paste everything.
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Fashionable Businesswoman

Uncle Kenny
Thanks so much for doing this. Your feed back means a lot heart
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Uncle Kenny

Update Guilds and bring it up to speed

On our to-do list for this year!

Custom header selection

We like the idea 3nodding

Updated Report System

Would love to do this, not sure when it'd be possible though

Let users fix item glitches

Probably won't happen since working on items is an actual job, not a freelance thing. If anyone worked on an item, we have to pay them, and that's why we have artists dedicated to items.

#1..Awesome, that's wonderful news.
#2..They could use the light of day again..;D
#3..Feel free to end Auto-reply. I've gotten 3 of them. No real change in the situation.
heart Hire intern.
heart Put them on the job (For a start? Shadowlegend. Stocking preview lies for male avies. Every evolving item not in Cash after..?)
heart ...Magical things happen!
heart Success. Much happiness and equipping of items in joy and glee. 3 billion Kishimoto-nin.

Think about it.. cool

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