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I'm wishing for the option to change our headers from what we have now to any of the RIG ones. They're incredibly pretty and it's a shame after it being used once and then is left to go to waste...

I totally agree with this! I thought they were doing something like this with the Gaia Labs or something (they had at least a few up) but haven't checked if they added the most recent...I doubt they would..
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          Better Gold Shop items
          No more speedy evolving items every month
          "Marriages/divorces/families" [for fun!!!]
          The ability to layer items
          **********BETTER INVENTORY ARRANGER********* scream
          Better standard avatar poses [like actual sitting, not this kneeling crap where my legs look like noodles]
          Maybe a pet shop in the Gold Shops? So I don't have to shell out cash/millions o' gold for a cute pet. I also don't wanna buy these themed ones all the time. MAYBE, just maybe I want a painted horse [that I can sit on!!!]. Or a cat that doesn't cost over 2mil gold.
          It's been almost 10 years, Gaia! WHERE ARE THESE? mad


          Oh, and GOOD curly hair. Not everyone on Gaia has bouncy big curls, people. Maybe I'd like my avatar to represent myself, and my only 'realistic' options are an ugly-a** bird's nest style, and a bad afro. The closest I see is that Madame G*psy item [change the name, please!], but I can't remove the purple headband. FIX THIS. You guys have the pixeling skills to make decent curly hair, DO IT.
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I'd just be happy if they allowed us imps to use all of the leg-mods.

As it stands now, we can use about a third of them... the ones assigned to the stocking layer. Since we've never been allowed to use shoes, any leg mod assigned to the shoe layer is out, and unfortunatley that's where they've put all of the recent ones. <_<
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Feral Reindeer

The inventory arranger. I just want it to look like "my stuff" screen, but then me being able to click an item and drag it to the place I want.
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... I sorta wanna get gaia-married just 'cause. rofl
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Update the goddamn inventory arranger. Really, gaia, really.
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I hope one day, they'll have the inventory search in dress-up complete (so that it actually 'knows' all equippable items. And I really want an advanced search in that feature, I'd love to be able to search on release year, colour and what type of pose it is (top/bottom/feet etc.). My dream is that there's a colour wheel where you just click a certain point or area and you get all hits with more than ... pixels in that exact colour.

Yeah, never going to happen.
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Lavish Lunatic

Update the goddamn inventory arranger. Really, gaia, really.
Narumi stated in her journal that they were planning to update it THIS YEAR! emotion_dowant
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How about that "I'm smacking you across the Internet " feature?

I need one of those.
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I third/fourth/fifth/whatever the inventory
arranger! Or at least let us organize our inventory
inside the dressing room...so it's automatically
categorized for us (tops, bottoms, etc.).
this please...... uggggggggg.

Nothing i hate more than going into my aranger and trying to figure out if its in the hat, top, bottom or item category. Or trying to sort through and pick out all the tops and stuff.

I would LOVE to be able to sort and arrange my inventory in the same groupings as the dressing room. They already have the dressing room sorted by categories, how much harder could it be...?? Bah.
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Smitten Kitten

You'd think by now there would be some "Gaia Wedding" feature that gave female avatar pregnant bellies and tiny Gaian Babies to hold considering the amount of complaining that comes up, every now and then.

I'm thrilled that we haven't gotten that. Creepy, imo.

As much as I'd love a better inventory arranger, I've been here before we even had the bad one so I don't mind it so much. I would think that they would have better tagging on the items by now. Some of them are just awful.
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Update the goddamn inventory arranger. Really, gaia, really.
Narumi stated in her journal that they were planning to update it THIS YEAR! emotion_dowant
Weren't they planning on updating it last year, and the year before that, and......
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Albern Puppy
Weren't they planning on updating it last year, and the year before that, and......
Shush... xd
We can keep on hoping!
I'm surprised we never got our battle system, you know the one where users would be able to go pvp and actually battle each other. The new game doesn't count since it doesn't have anything to do with Gaia minus being made by the same company. We also never got our quest system. I had a lot of fun with alchemy but it is hardly a quest system. lol


people have no reason to save for large items anymore

considering they pump out higher quality, cheaper items in ridiculous amounts

no point in buying old one pose items anymore :/
That has to be one of the silliest reasons on how Gaia is ruining the economy I've ever seen.

Oh no, they are making high quality items. Even worse, they are releasing high quality items regularly! The horror! Why on earth would I want to have lots of epic options to dress my avi up in? What shall we ever do now that our old single pose items are not worth the billions they could be by default if they were the only rares in existence?

This place would be so boring if the only items to save up for were old donation items. This economy suits everyone, from the loaded 03 member to the user who just joined today. The old items have gained enough value over the years to have been worth their $2.50 price tag. There are also more investment and exchange opportunities these days then there remotely were back in the time when donation items were king.
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I'm hoping that they redo the inventory organizer sometime this year. Make it arrange-able by tag, or while in dress-up mode, or something.

The ability to re-use old RIG headers would be nice as well. I have a lot of favorite old ones that I can't use unless I use better gaia, which messes with my browser.

A fix for the rarity of the backwings formulas would be nice, but I can't see it being tweaked to the extent of the cache fix. For now, I'll just save for the wings bit by bit.

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