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Being unable to buy kinda sucks. I want some of these.
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Sailor Seren

3 Kaleidoscope Stardust...

User Image Astra: Fluffy White Bunny Tail

User Image Astra: Mini White Flapping Devil Wings

User Image [Animal] Californian Social

In all honesty, that 2nd item made me go: eek


The Californian Social has an avocado bag. A+ I laughed
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I love the Infatuation and Oni-ly You items. heart I'm also digging these appearances of purple/neon blue/black items, I really like those colors together.
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have we yet to find any exclusives from kaleidoscope stardust? are we sure it's not just entirely re-releases?
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Couldn't help myself this time around. u-u
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two item gens in one update and one of them is a more or less deflation RIGs /weeps at the still expensive prices

ahahah i guess i should be getting used to gaia putting these things out when i never have any gold on me _(」∠ 、ン、)_
urgh, some of these are really nice too redface
There's two more pink items a bit further down in the CS list.
Chime of Passion and __ Pointe.

So many nice updates.
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"Though the brightness of the sun has drifted far away...

From Drops of Color, not too stellar luck for me this go around, oh well. I'm more excited for the Godina recolors.

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Tomorrow holds the sunlight of a brand new day for me..."
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have we yet to find any exclusives from kaleidoscope stardust? are we sure it's not just entirely re-releases?
I thought some people had listed some exclusives, but maybe not?

off topic: but I love the static on yr face! I didn't know agape did that.
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There's two more pink items a bit further down in the CS list.
Chime of Passion and __ Pointe.

So many nice updates.

Scythes, Watermelon, and Flowing Breezes.
These are the things that bring me Joy.

Just noticed those myself. Chime of Passion and Creamy Pointe are interesting. Creamy Pointe is in the token Light Pink, while Chime of Passion opts for a darker Pink+Black color scheme. I like the Chime better than the Pointe.

The Scythe Quest
The Eternal List
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Dulcet Bunny

Lon Lon The Bunny, you're jumping into daddy's arms one day, okay. /adds to wish list.
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I was going to resist spending my free GCash on the new deflation RIG until I saw it has The Meadow Fawns in it.

*flails loudly*

That was the first item I truly wanted after I rejoined Gaia, and watching it go from 1 billion to 31 billion has hurt my soul. I hope this helps it deflate!
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Hey guys remember when 50-pack item generators were 15 dollars???? Somethings even $19????
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What I got from my stardust pulls:

Dedicated Spica x2
Her Looting Majesty
Astra: Swishing White Tipped Wolf Tail x2
Toxic Black Devil Tail x2
Sinful Onyx Halo x2
The Ringmaster's Cool Wigs
Everlasting Amadea
Checkmate Inverse
Astra: Swishing Sunset Fox Tail
Astra: Horns of Midnight Fire
Immoral Skullheads
The Diabolical Duke of Lalune
The Meadow Fawns
Rose Artemis
One Winged Fighter
Astra: Horns of the Black Hole
Astra: Swishing Arctic Wolf Tail
Bright Bloodied Asmodeus' Wings x2
Angelic Tanzanite Halo
La Belle Cygne
Pure Intentions
Pink Heavenly Wings
The Angelic Queen of Solair x2
Counterfeit Paramour x2
Saintly Intentions
Spunky Mechanic's Light Ponytail x2
Capricious Warlock
Pettish Enchanter
Portrait of a Lavender Hare x2
Legend of Medb
Bright Bloodied Black Devil Tail
Dark Princess Merina Hair
Braided Down Hair
[Animal] Californian Social
Veridical Musketeer
Astra: Fluffy White Bunny Tail
Her Charging Majesty
Kitsune's Sister

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