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"A scattered dream that's like a far off memory...

Well, s**t. They recolored thrall AGAIN. I'm never catching a break at this rate. confused
Not fond of the Oni nor Infatuation items. I dunno, I'm picky about my monster boys/girls.
Can't wait to see what's in Drops of Color 3. I'll probably want to shoot myself looking at them all, though..
Welcome back, Winter! heart

A far off memory that's like a scattered dream..."
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ohhhhhhhhhh the limited are really cool?? they would have made an interesting REI. i wonder what the story is behind their creation.
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Damn...I really like the new LQI...looks so reapersun...
The quirk in the design is so hilarious...i might get both just for laughs @_@
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I actually like those LQIs. Too bad I'm broke on here and IRL.

Hope to see some good items in the new item RIG, though.
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Oh they changed the price of the Spice recolor into 499. The hell, Gaia.
Oh look, another Byul recolor and it's dirty pink.
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My Charming Byul just showed up
but the new limiteds scared me xd
I do like the leg mod for Baby, Oni-ly You
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Object of Infatuation reminds me of the anime, Fooly Cooly and the comic, Saga.
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Posting in here to remind me to look for those items later.

I need them for my item list, but they're not on the MP yet

Edit: Oops! Forgot to thank you for the thread.

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No [Animal] stuff. Distinctly less interested.
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Fashionable Wolf

A Sexy Silhouette

No [Animal] stuff. Distinctly less interested.

Thank you for the thread, though, Winter.
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Wait why are people saying its a user created item
Arent golden tickets suppose to have 6 poses?
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Baby, Oni-ly You and Object of Infatuation are horrible. o.o
oh god, what are they...?! gonk
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That Dark Scythe emotion_drool I love it, i hope it wont be sold out till the 31st(I get paid on the 30th) i need it and i dont want to pay 44 bill on mp right now... though i will if i have to in the end.

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