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Questionable Bear

Arm mods, yes please! <3
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Questionable Bear

Winter Hue

Thank you for the list! <3
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Friendly Friend

this is soo... bizarre classified_fu
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Peaceful Bear

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I don't know how I feel about these arms...
On one hand, they're kinda growin' on me-- on the other hand,
I can't hold anything and they're super skinny...
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Playful Pitcher

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ooh I like the arm mods. I already own the ones I really like in their original colors but I think I'll pick up a sensational one whee
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Aekea Bunny

What a strange Chance Item. I hope for more.
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Fashionable Gaian

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The majority of the arm mods look really bad in my opinion emo
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Friendly Friend

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Dedicated Detective

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Liking these arm mods a lot!
Finally we are freed from ALWAYS using glove or sleeve arm mods that hide the skin >.<

I just kinda wish moving the base arms did change the pose like in the original items ouo;
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Kawaii Carnivore

I need those dainty hands , they are a dream come true .
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Invisible Girl

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Aww yeah...I've been hoping for nude arm mods for a while now.
I think the shading on some of the more feminine looking arms could have been better though...some just look like shapeless sausages.

Dainty hands is 3 bil in the MP crying Doubt that will lower significantly enough for me to be able to get them.
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Man-Hungry Kitten

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Yeah, I like my current arms, but I'm hoping the hands go down >.<
these are pretty cool . *wants hairy and non hairy arms* emo

*bara love*
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King Cat

Da bes. emotion_dowant
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Feral Elder

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xd well now we got a rig that gives new arms...how about a rig that loses them, along with other limbs.

I think with decapitation poses now acceptable in this site why not amputation?

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