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So many "girl" items, ah well the recent RIG added a bunch of "male" items so i guess it's w/e
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I think I like the purple bundle the best out of all of them, but deflation bundles in general are always appreciated biggrin

Though I'm kind of disappointed with the green bundle, because it seems to mostly contain mint items, which really isn't my kind of thing.
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It's good to see bundles back .w.

Yes it is! I was a little worried we wouldn't have them anymore, since we've had so many item/gold generators.
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Winter Hue

Envious Bloom

It's a recolor of Cheerful Bloom, which inspired Somber Bloom.
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- - αℓץ sαץs - -

Yay ! My favorite time of the day !

These egg bundles look nice . I kinda want the purple one . * o *
The new bloom is alright . //Kinda over black and red .

Hoping for lots of good drops on the new RIG !~ 4laugh
//Awaits finished list//

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I opened a 12 pack:

White Bunny Hoodie
Brown Bun-Bun Plushie
Fufu the Bunny
Anima Adamantea 8th Gen. (Random xD)
Frolicking Pastel
Shy Gardener
[Animal] Chocolate Wolf Fur
Fondue the Chocolate Bunny
Bunny Hoodie
Pastel Sweetie
Trickster's Gambit (OMG)
Spring Nymph
Yes! That means the Anima is going to deflate. ;D
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I was like "What the heck?".
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"Though the brightness of the sun has drifted far away...

I opened a 12 pack and got these

Animal Chocolate wolf fur (2)
Bunny Flop
FuFu the Bunny
Bunny Hoodie
Dice Bunny
Thoughtful Bride

Every time I tried the surprise it gave me gold so, meh. I think the highest I got was 40 million. I didn't really pay attention.

Tomorrow holds the sunlight of a brand new day for me..."
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Yeah,.. I was sitting here thinking... " Why not make an Animal Bundle?"

I realized it's because that's a New Feature and they are going to have to bleed it of everything that can. So they can't just have an all Animal Item Bundle, yet. They would lose way too much money. Either they can make some lesser items for bundles for Animals or if you want stuff that is expensive now you will have to wait a few months to a year. Well,.. I mean,.. without them charging an arm and a leg for the bundle.
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Oooh, I'm loving the blue egg bundle. Pink looks good too, but I already have everything I want from that and green.
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Whoa... got two Rosette kitten stars... XDD

From which one did you get it from?
The egg one or the basket one? OwO

Congrats though! 8D
Great win
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Arturo Savinni
Whoa... got two Rosette kitten stars... XDD

from the Basket of Goodies? eek
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Those deflation bundles are a waste of cash considering you can get an easy bill buying some other cash shop item zzzz
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Already seeing this Banner/Ad.

User Image

Is it for the current RIG? Just realized that Bunny in a basket is in the center sweatdrop

*Sees Dice Bunny in the banner*

You've rereleased Dice Bunny multiple times in the past two months already.
Risky Bunny is also pink and more festive stare

Maybe they put both, I guess I'll wait and see. If it's just Dice Bunny I'ma lose some fluff.
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