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Honestly, all the years have kind of started to blend together. I think that means I'm getting old.
As an old person, yeah, it kinda of does. O.O

Not only Gaia, this pretty much describes my life too.
21...23..what? I dunno what happened at each age.
I turned 33 last year and the best I can claim is that I remember what year the big things happen. I remember a lot of things in between but I wouldn't be able to tell you what year they happened. -_- Old.

got a few years on me. But as we age I'm pretty sure I just forget things like..oh no..I just forgot first grade.

I do not forget joining Gaia or how I started. But all the years in between then and now are just a bunch of jumbled memories. Good memories..with a scattered inaccurate sense of time.

lookin at some history 2007 was fairly good for me..status wise lol.