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You somehow managed to quote the wrong person here. wink I never said anything like that.

Right here.

What? I... I'm sorry. I thought that a quote had messed up and that was someone else's statement. sweatdrop

Sorry for basically posting the same comment in a response to you, then. Like I just said, though: if they're hurting for artists that badly that they can't even create a few avatar sprite examples, I don't see how they could expect to put together an entirely new website with new artwork for all the items.

Exactly. Seriously.

Also, no problem. I understand. *Gives you a flower.*
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I think anyone still upset about that particular survey have an actual problem and should seek help.

Also I want to know what the hell this is!
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This makes me laugh. xd
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This time via email only.
It's a rehash of the survey everyone seemed to be offended over. The title of the survey is literally "Avatar Style Preferences for 18+ X-Gaians"

Who knows what constitutes an X-Gaian, but onward.

The first survey plucked catwoman pics from the internet and asked you which art style you preferred. This survey does the same thing but has a nice tiny disclaimer added.
See it here

Next page is body types. I don't have a screencap of the old one, but I'm sure by now we all know what it looked like, with derogatory remarks. Well they cropped all that out this time and this is the woman's survey.
See here

And same for men:
See here.

[EDIT: Here are the originals from the first survey, provided by Bob Dobbs.]
Bob Dobbs
User Image

User Image

This is the text of the email:
" Hello again!
We wanted to reach out to you today to invite you take a survey for us! We know you have creative and awesome ideas about avatar designs and online experiences, and we'd love to have your feedback.
The survey is only a few questions, and it won't take you long to complete. Thanks in advance for your participation - as always, we cannot wait to hear what you have to say! "

So, I have no opinions on this really, but I'm sure you will.
- New survey: an improvement?
- Still acepting of Gaia's apology?
- what do you think an "X-Gaian" is?

EDIT: So I read through 6 pages of this thread, and from everyone's ideas on what an X-gaian is, I think it is a gaian who has been a member but has not logged in in a long time, or has not logged in frequently. The only email I got this survey on was the one connected to my oldest account(jan 2004), which I have not logged into since... The Valefor event? But before then, rarely if at all.
This would explain why not many of you got the survey. You and your mules are all active.
This is just an idea.

To any disbelievers.
In the mailbox (trash now, obviously)
The email itself
(Apparently gmail doesn't play nice with my screengrab add-on, so sorry for the weirdness)

idgaf what the system says
i think it's legit

probably is
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Why don't I get these surveys?

I'm old!
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Adnama Lavode
Are they that incapable of listening to users after people made as big of a fuss about it, made it so perfectly crystal clear why they ******** up in the first place? And they still included the artwork without crediting anyone properly? This is shameful. Like, gross.

I will not accept an apology from them for this. They've proven to not give a s**t about their own ToS or anybody here.

It would be nice if people would come forward to identify the artists of those works and let the artists know what Gaia is doing.

I am in agreement with this idea completely, ahh Faceoff is back on gotta run.
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Guess which long time user has no plans to use the hateful X gaian site?
: D Me! Like they really couldn't be bothered to use their own artists to make art to use for surveys? Because you know, THEY HAVE A WHOLE TEAM OF ARTISTS ON PAYROLL. Or how they couldn't take their own pictures for body types. They had to use the same pictures of bodytypes from last time? Really? They know we were all offended and they keep doing this.
No thank you.
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That's kind of weird - why catwoman?
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Well this is certainly very interesting... x'D

Would I get shot down if I asked what exactly this was about? The "new gaia site" perhaps?
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the 18+ site is honestly making me sicker and sicker every day. I like gaia because it ISN'T an 18+ site/4chan/Reddit (some parts of Reddit at least...)

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