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        Uuuh I'm 18+, why didn't I get this e-mail? Gaia, I want to give you my feedback. LOVE ME *sobs*.

Same here. I want to give me feedback. I'm 23, WTF, Gaia? = 3=
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I wasn't upset about the first survey at all. For gaia to revoke that survey, apologize and then rerelease it with very minor changes seems pointless to me... with all the butthurt they received from the last one they should have scrapped the last one entirely and start over from scratch, thought that would have been common sense. What ever though, I'm still not mad just a little ashamed of gaia mediocrely covering their arses.

Stop sagging gaia. Stop.
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I wish these pictures were full-body. ._. AND that the new site would make ALL THE BODY TYPES! Do we really need a survey? And why can't we have base samples?

The batwoman pictures are dumb. Why not just ask what kind of art style is best with sample pictures drawn by the staff?

The survey is still stupid and still a failure.
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Why do they need to do such a survey?

To figure out how we want our avatars to look if we join the site?

I'm confused.

I don't like the idea that they want us to compare and prefer a body type tbh.
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"- what do you think an "X-Gaian" is? "

Maybe they're just referencing Gaia's own version of Generation X?
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Not to sound unbelieving of the OP, but did anyone else get that survey? sweatdrop I'm 22 and I didn't get it either. They're either taking a small sample of the 18+ Gaian population or the same employee just trolled a few Gaians by sending it out. :/
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I ain't got no survey D:
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    How come I did not get that survey? What? I'm not cool enough? I'm 22 years old.
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Elena Kiara
Not to sound unbelieving of the OP, but did anyone else get that survey? sweatdrop I'm 22 and I didn't get it either. They're either taking a small sample of the 18+ Gaian population or the same employee just trolled a few Gaians by sending it out. :/

Just checked some of my mules' email accounts, too, and still no sign of it. Maybe it was an isolated glitch?
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Lapine Lequesne
Copy Image.
Copy URL from IMGUR
Put into google.

You learned how to find a source!

Anyone whos interested in finding a source would be able to do this.
Also, Shame on the original artists for not signing their work.

The original artists DID sign their work. One even had a DA watermark on it. So of those are gone, Gaia staff edited them out and that is utterly low and shameful. And it is not up to the users themselves to source. Gaia is a company, a business. They need to PROPERLY credit art used and use it with PERMISSION. Which they did none of.

What is it with people kissing a** and thinking the users are at fault, while the site does nothing wrong? Are you really THAT ignorant to how the world works?
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I did not get the survey...yet, thus cannot give any feedback. However, I did get 691 spam mails for not turning off Gaia alerts. OTL
As for the question whether we should forgive Gaia or not for their mishap, I think people shouldn't dwell too long on the whole body issue but if they want to then I'll just leave them be. I know that many people still feel offended which is a shame since it does not matter what others say or think about you as long as you are content with your own body and can just laugh it off. Drama is always entertaining in the beginning but gets tiresome eventually. I don't go on Gaia to see all this negativity, to be honest. However, what really irks me are the cat-woman images. Am I the only one who isn't a fan of that mask?
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X-Gaians?, really? XD;;; that +18 site is looking more porny the more info we get on it ;x ox
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Nothing about this new site sounds appealing to me. lol
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Heh I indicated I had no interested in their new porno site on a previous survey so I think I've been taken off the mailing list.

I can't say I would accept the "apology" because they tried to shrug it off saying gaia is half full of trolls anyways, contradicting their own TOS policy which states that trolling is prohibited conduct.

The only thing that really bugs me about this new site is that we were told more focus was going to be put into this site here www.gaiaonline.com So far we've just seen a lot of cash-heavy content which includes the new game that was launched. The manga storyline hasn't been touched since last December (10 months give or take) and we continually hear the same old "its in the works" explanation when it comes to further updates.

So I guess pardon me if I'm feeling pretty apathetic towards gaia as a whole.
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I was wondering why I didn't get it. I thought it was because I completed the original.

Do they even track that?
I completed the original and I still got this one.

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