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Too old for GAIA

No way 0.68707482993197 68.7% [ 202 ]
Lol old person 0.31292517006803 31.3% [ 92 ]
Total Votes:[ 294 ]
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Ruthless Cutesmasher

I'd gladly talk about it IRL if people brought it up first. If I start with it in convo, I'd have a hard time explaining it to them. I guess it's easier to get 'into' gaia when you've grown up with it since 13. Nowadays if people try the site I think it's more difficult for them since a lot of items are so overly inflated. They'd get bored or give up after a while.
Yes to the op
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In a relationship with Poet Anon

I'm completely ashamed of this site.......
The type of person that I'm perceived to be would have nothing to do with Gaia
I also really dislike everything but the art.......and shamefully the avatars

:edit: I'm 18 now but I've probably been ashamed of Gaia after age 14
I pretty much share the same view. Unfortunately, the friends I have IRL are really, really not the sort that I would associate with sites like Gaia.
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22 year old guy playing dress-up with my virtual female avatar, yes I'm ashamed.
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AS Roma
x : irl friend
y : me

x - you are coming with us,right?
y - nope,i cant
y - ...

and that is how i lost all my friends
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Blaze the Fire Dragon
22 year old guy playing dress-up with my virtual female avatar, yes I'm ashamed.

Pretty much this, minus a few years. There are a select few people IRL who I'd mention this to.
i've been on and off the site since early 2004. do i feel ashamed to talk about it? not really.

first off, i think the site is diverse enough that i honestly wouldn't call anyone 'too old' to be using gaia.

(not to say i wouldn't be disturbed if someone introduced themselves as "hiii my name is kawaii neko chan sparkle pony spork desu and i'm 50 years old ^________^ <3 !!!!11! i'm sooo random lol!" )

when it does come up irl though, it's usually in the context of, "what's that drawing of?" "someone's avatar from a forum site", and that's the end of it. if they want to know more, i'd tell them, if they're going to judge me for it, i don't care.

i'm sure a lot of people think gaia's some kind of pre-teens hangout where the only topic is anime, but i wouldn't associate myself with weeaboos anyway.
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I'm not embarrassed talking about something I like.
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Just logged on for the first time in like 6 years, what up Gaia?
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Derp. Ten years is a long time to have a Gaia account. Well.. I've had 4. But I will NOT tell people about Gaia unless they bring it up first lol
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I wouldn't say "ashamed" exactly, but it's not something I'll bring up in conversation. (Admittedly I've been on hiatus on and off for the past 3 or 4 years.)

But when I first joined, yeah, I was a little embarrassed to admit I was on Gaia. (Kinda how like admitting you used RuneScape was embarrassing.)
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I'm not that embarrassed to talk about it if someone were to ask me about it. It doesn't really matter, because some of my friends in real life are on this site c: Like 2 of them lol, but still pretty cool!
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I'm not embarrassed; I just don't see the need to bring it up
if I don't feel comfortable with the person.
If I know my friend goes on forum sites, likes anime/manga,
than I'd definitely mention it.

However, if it's more at work, on business terms,
then no, I wouldn't bring it up at all.

It depends on the situation, really.

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Ping of Death
I'm not embarrassed talking about something I like.

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