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Too old for GAIA

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I had like 3 threads talking about this over the years.

The big 10 ya.

After high school, and going through college (several times) I am still quite embarrassed to talk about gaiaonline in public.

I can't even lie and say it's not part of my life because it is. A big part. I've logged on every single day but one day since i've been on here. I've met people and have had some long lasting friendships that have carried offline.I just can't bring myself to show people the site or talk about it. Maybe it has to do with my age and people like me should be doing other things?

Are you embarrassed to talk about or show people GaiaOnline?

Do you think your age has anything to do with it? You are as old as you feel?
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Manly Cub

Of course I'm embarrassed. It's reaching guilty pleasure levels for me.
I'm not really embarrassed, but I just think most people wouldn't get it. I recall my two friends talking about it a long time ago (about getting one of the saris, and I don't know why I remember this in detail), and being quite confused about their conversation. I thought they were drawing the items themselves for their characters! o:

I think age does have to do with it at this point as well, because although I work for an internet marketing company, my coworkers aren't really interested in the "geeky" side of the internet, like forums and youtube celebrities and whatnot.
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I'm 40. I love Gaia. And I don't care what others think. I have made many friends here from all over the world, had an awesome experience being a moderator for a while, and I log in everyday (only took one short-ish hiatis since I joined in 2006) . So, no, definitely not embarrassed. Gaia fits my personality quite well and when I discuss it in public, it's very natural especially in my Gwee shirt!
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Kawaii Bunny

I'm not too embarrassed to show people Gaia. It's a fun website, and it turns out a couple of my real life friends are on here.

When I first got on Gaia, I was embarrassed to tell people I was on here, but now it doesn't really matter.
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My typist, as she puts it, 'does not give a flying ********'. She is 24, and likely to speak at length about both myself, and the places she frequents online. Apparently she has tired of being ashamed of the things she loves. I cannot say I fault her logic (on that score, in any case; in other department she is a very silly girl).
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I don't bring it up to people.
It's not something I bring up unless asked, but if the topic does come up I don't mind talking about it.
I usually just tell people that it's a forum and that it's in english. That's enough to get most people to lose interest XD
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Feral Kitten

I use to be but I have met other dorky people such as myself and I bring it up. They usually laugh a bit and say they never really got into it..but then they blab about WoW or video games I never got into so I feel like gaia is the same thing. Some people love it and others don't care for it. Iv'e been playing since I was pregnant with my daughter...so we are going on 6 years soon and I'm not really ashamed to say I'm still here...and I will probably always be here lol. People get addicted to fb and other social sites and gaia is my social site...plus 'Ive met some awesome people here and even a friend who I've had the pleasure of meeting in real life ^_^ So I'm just gunna let my geek hang out and not care anymore razz
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Can't say I feel the same way. I talk about Gaia all of the time to my co-workers. They talk about their farmville. We are all adults ranging from 24-43 years old. I'll even mess around on Gaia using my phone at breaks and show them different funny threads in the chatterbox and they get a good laugh out of it ;3

Social media is more acceptable than when we were kids, I think maybe it stems from that ;3 I myself have never given two shits what people think about me so I have always been pro-active about Gaia, I even got my sister and brother into playing ;3
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It's the associations people have with Gaia. I know it wasn't until this year I openly played this in public on my laptop, or did little to hide the fact that I do. I think it's not too bad if people don't know what it is. But if they do know, it's not often they have good associations with it (unless they still play, of course). Kind of like Runescape. "You still play runescape? Wow. I stopped playing that like, forever ago."
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Why be ashamed of what you like, if it's not hurting anybody? I honestly don't understand that.
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It's difficult for me to talk about with people because the people I know irl aren't even familiar with simple online forums. When my mother leans over my shoulder and asks me what I'm doing I tell her it's something like playing with barbies online and I minimize my window and try to distract her with cute puppy videos on youtube so she stops asking me questions.
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I don't bring it up because it would take too long to explain why I'm here still. lol
But yes, my age plays in to a big factor of that. Then again when you're constantly around people 5-15 years older than you, the last thing you want to introduce to them is this site.
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I'm completely ashamed of this site.......
The type of person that I'm perceived to be would have nothing to do with Gaia
I also really dislike everything but the art.......and shamefully the avatars

:edit: I'm 18 now but I've probably been ashamed of Gaia after age 14

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