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The Watcher

Far above the bar, high in the sky, a veil of darkness spread through the clouds, tendrils as black as a starless night, blurred by the grey hue of the clouds branched out like the roots of an ancient tree in all directions, inundating the vast skyline with slow writhing veins of darkness. Lightning flashed through the sky, highlighting the endless field of these black veins, which like a virulent rot stretched endlessly to the horizon in all directions. The lightning flashed through the clouds, though there was no thunder in the illuminations wake, only the eerie moments of silence between flashes of light, some of which seemed to run along the thick black tendrils as they swayed high above. The massive meandering black tendrils occasionally dipped below the clouds, their long sinuous forms smooth and dark as night.

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The clouds above darkened, twisted into a massive tempest which rotated directly above the Bar, wind began to gust from all directions, though it blew unnaturally to the epicenter of the storm, as though culminating in the massive center of darkness, called by an unseen, unknowable force to obey. The winds grew into howling gusts which would rattle even the most sound of structures, the sounds of distant branches thick as a mans chest snapping like twigs echoed through the air. The maelstrom seemed to build and build, seconds passing by as though minutes as the sky above was turned into a storm of light. Lightning reached down to the surface, as though tentatively probing the distance between the storm above and the ground. Silence was all that followed the lightning, where booming cracks and thunderous tones should have been, there was nothing.

The lightning grew in frequency until it seemed every second spawned a new twisting branch of light, then abruptly, it ceased. The clouds above twisted into a supercell, reaching high into the atmosphere. After the lightning stopped, the wind soon died completely, though the clouds above still churned in powerful waves. In the darkness of those clouds, a beam of light split the epicenter of the supercell. It remained there, suspended in the sky bisecting the shaft of clouds in a solid white streak. It widened, color from above surged forth through the gap and for a few moments the bar was washed in vivid blue and red light. The white beam opened upon the bar and a great eye glimpsed down upon it. The gaze of the watcher was upon them.

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