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Zackrodisiac Spamnation/OOC THREAD

The building is set in the middle of the forest, miles and miles away from any civilization.Long ago sealed, this tavern were nothing more then a prison of bad memories and wooden decay. None dare venture forth to it's oak doors and try it's rusted handle. That of which was obvious. The path had been grown over by grass and small plants and weeds over the many lost years, leaving the tavern to seem forgotten.
However, it was not forgotten for long, for it's original owner returned one cold evening with a young woman, who could be no more than 20, who requested to have a look when she happened upon the abandoned building.
After much debate and well reasoning, the Tavern was sold to the young woman for barely anything, but a simple two hundred dollars (She figured she'd rather see the place become something then wilt away), and was reopened with a new name.
Although the exterior of the tavern remained mostly untouched after the young woman bought the building,the inside was remodeled with the newest of furnishings. The floors still smell lightly of polish, the tables and stools gleam in the dull light, without prints.

The interior of the Zackrodisiac Is accented with an ebony toned ceiling and matched with vanilla couches each sporting twin orange pillows, small lights dot the ceiling and illuminate the dimly lit interior, between the arms of the two couches is a small coffee table crafted of metal with a glass surface. The dark oak flooring is complimented by a multicolored ivory rug with an ebony half circle toned black. The bar is oak with a glass casing on the front with green LED lighting illuminating the inside of it and tall metal chairs, armless with back rests lines the curved length of it. The ivory walls are dotted with random paintings and priceless pieces of art.

The path, now cleaned and kept, lead to an aged, weather worn oak door. The handle, now a glistening copper.
The outside of the Tavern appears worn out by the long years of no maintenance. In some areas, the wood buckles from water absorption, and on the roof, shingles are missing from extreme storms.
However, the inside can make one step back and look twice.
The door had two words,painted in gilded gold, The Zackrodisiac

The woman had made a home for her people.

(side note to all..The Zack is five stories..there are two stories above ground,and three below ground.)
You enter

Table of contents: Under construction

Co-Owners: &Master_Tricon,Saka_Hirozumi
Mod:Dante Delvont
Head Bartender: Kozu Pantera .
Bartenders: apply vian PM
(Apply Via PM)
Head Bouncer:Saka_Hirozumi
Bouncer:Apply Via PMKizu Pantera
Cooks:Apply via PM
Head Doctor:Apply Via PM
Head Nurse:Apply Via PM
Nurse:Apply Via PM
Maids(female only):Apply via PM

Banned List Grey(temporary):

Banned List Black(permanent):Deesensitized,Rinilias_Todd,Glorious Athena
Killer of Suns

The Fighting arena Layout

The Zack

Hot Tub


Will have five open slots for five jobs at a time, to be completed in numerical order.

For jobs 500k and below in gold 25% is to be paid up front as insurance and the last 75% paid when the target is put down or situation is handled

For 500k+
40% up front and 60% when job is done

All jobs must be cleared between Saka and Kurai regarding what needs to be done

You can request dead or alive, and we also fix cheaters!
We will need a character name
a person's username
some character information
A brief explanation of how they fight and their powers

Send a PM regarding the matter to Kurai, NOT Saka
start trade with Kurai.

We are looking to help keep the long held tradition of Gaia commerce bounty hunting alive, and we may employ more bounty hunters! if interested then PM Saka with a message labeled so and talk it over with him!

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OBEY the rules. I hate having to ban people.

A litle common sense...:

Golden Rule- First and foremost, MY word is law. the staff members are the right hands this establishment, and what we say goes. If you don’t like it, tough.

Staff- The staff was placed for your safety and to maintain this thread running. Not following staff orders will result in a temporay ban. Constant rule breaking will result in a indefinate ban.

1. Be considerate and nice to others in the bar.
2 .IF you attack someone in the bar, The whole bar carries the right to attack you back, in a gang bang fashion, and style is the bar's choice.

3. All fights will use the Classic Fight System. Players MUST use the fight system, and MUST take care of rolling and deciding rounds on their own.

4. No Forced RPing. Do not impose your RP or its rules on anyone in the bar.

5. We're a semi-literate bunch here. We can type without using all caps, making everything light blue so you can't read it, and type in a normal manner. We ask simply that you don't use netspeak (l33t). It's very annoying and really brings down the cumulative IQ of the bar.

6. No pets that won't fit through the door or pets that will destroy the bar. Please show respect for Zackrodisiac by not harming it with an overgrown magical...whatever

7.[Tylers Rule]no slavery I dont care if they are your slave,pet,or whatever. It is frowned upon in Zackrodisiac.It simply states: Anyone entering with certain peron/s that under said entering person's ownership are hereby commanded to disclaim ownership of person's entering with them under their ownership and release any sign of said ownership from the person/s. Examples are bandanas, leashes, etc.

8. Dont destroy the bar.the arenas are state of the art suited for everyone. All fights will take place there. Anyone fighting in and destroying the bar will be asked to leave.

"What AMP is all about"]The Anti Munch Project is all about role-play awareness. With the onset of poorly skilled role-players growing larger all the time, we need this thread to show them where they are going wrong. AMP lists first the types of role-player, and then the various types of Muncher/Godmoder/Godmodder.

Types of Role Players

n00b: This type of roleplayer is so disgraceful that they don't even deserve to be bolded in this list of roleplayer types. They are the epitome of stupidity. When you see one, you should either simply ignore them, or find some way to make your computer explode so you don't have to be sucked into the vortex of their stupidity. To be perfectly frank, all n00bs should be forced by Moderators to wear something to identify them. But as that can not be done, here are some ways to tell them apart from other roleplayers. They can not type. They use text speak and other shorthand forms of typing. And they absolutely refuse to refer to logic when referring to roleplaying situations. I would say that they are almost as intelligent as a dolphin, but that would be mean to the dolphins.

An example of a n00b post. >.>

Random n00b I found who is worthless

u think ur better than me? *punchs u*

Newbie: A Newbie is a roleplayer who is just starting out his text based roleplaying career here on Gaia. Someone who does not know how to roleplay, but is striving to better their roleplaying. Sometimes they are confused with n00bs, but there is a big difference. Newbs are generally intelligent, or at least trying to become better. Their description is smaller because they actually deserve respect as they care enough to really try.

Egotists: Theese people are at first sight, good rp'ers. but after watching them role play for a time, you will come to notice that no one ever seems to be able to prove them wrong. And not because they are necessarily smarter than anyone around, but because they are to stubborn and bullheaded to realise that they have been makng any mistakes. Theese roleplayers are merely a singl step above n00bs.

Literates: These roleplayers deserve the upmost regard, and the greatest respect from everyone. Meeting one should be considered a blessing. Roleplaying with a literate is what makes rolaplaying actually woorth your time.

Anti-Munchers Project

User ImageAimbotters User Image

An aimbotter is a role player who has ridiculously unrealistic accuracy and unsurprisingly never misses (or almost never.) This is not only limited to firearms but also to any projectile such as mystically throwing a shard of metal into someones ear lobe from a few hundred metres off.

Billy: My two pet huming birds fly around me.

Ben: From a hundred metres away I shoot behind my back with a 9mm pistol and one of the hummingbirds heads fly off, I then spin around a peg my gun directly into the other bird.

User ImageGodmodersUser Image

The most annoying role playing crime, the player who thinks he is a God, he either never takes a hit, or when he does takes zero damage. They also tend to incoparate many other AMP violating things, which is just modey.

Billy: I slash at your neck with my battle axe.

Ben: The axe breaks in half on my seemingly normal neck. And I do not receive a scratch.

User ImageIDKFA-ers User Image

IDKFA- ers are basically spys, with totally unrealistic gadgets or items on their body or person, which are also unrelated to the character, such as a laser pen on Solid Snake. Or James Bond and a condom.

Billy: I raise a gun to your forehead.

Ben: I tap my watch and it turns into a magnet which pulls your gun right out of your hand before a laser cannon emerges from my sunglasses along with two tactical nukes.

User ImageTwinks User Image

Sometimes allowed in certain RPs. If the RP isn't specifically about invincible deities and such, a simple rule is that if the strengths aren't counterbalanced with relatively equivalent weaknesses (or if the reasoning behind the phenomenal cosmic powers isn't eloquently and appropriately explained), you're dealing with a Twink.

Billy: Having knocked you down, I give you my hand to help you to your feet.

Ben: My skin turns you to stone.

User ImageMin-Maxers User Image

Basically the same as a twink but tends to incoporate many more powers as opposed to the twinks token super unstoppable power, and also has usually one (sometimes more) token weakness.

Billy: After you beating me to a pulp with your super magic armour I ask you what weakness's it has.

Ben: Uhh, if you hit both armpits at the same time with a wet towel.

User ImageMiss Cleos User Image

Using out of character knowledge in a role play, sons of bitches. Theese are especially frowned upon.

Billy: (( My character is secretly a fire mage even though he shows no sign of it in his appearance. ))

Ben: Turns on a high pressured hose. "Die you fire b***h!"

User ImageMcFlys User Image

Mcfly as in the movie back to the future! That should explain itself XD

Billy: Now that your force field is down I can run inside your base!

Ben: Um.... um.... there is also a super secret second force field that is twice as strong as the last one! I didn't say anthing about it before or even mention anything like it because it was so secret, not because I just made it up!

User ImageHi-Jackers User Image

They interfere with things that only the creator of the thread should be capable of usually to do with the environment, for instance self destructing a base, only the leader should have such permission and codes. Tis a no no.

Billy: "My bar has been sieged by evil ninjas!"

Ben: Presses a self destruct button that I always knew was hidden under the painting of an orange.

Billy: ((There is no self destruct button!!))

User ImagePuppetmastersUser Image

Dictating what another persons character does or how they react, extremely irritating.

Billy: I walk into the room and sit down at the bar.

Ben: I smash you in the head with a bottle and you run screaming from the room before falling down the stairs and killing yourself.

User ImageDaydreamersUser Image

Billy: I sit down under a tree.

Ben: I sit next to Billy under a tree. My knee scuffed jeans gently padded down on the lofty grass at the bottom of the old oak tree, whose barks was a very light brown. My beige shirt which had a faint rip at the bottom left corner gently swayed in the breeze of a north easterly wind. This reminded me of how when I we were young boys we used to play together. Oh, those were the days, we never had a care in the world, except for when Bradley got the chicken pox and we thought we would turn into chickens! Oh how red my face was when I realised that we wouldn't after all.

Overly long posts about nothing. That have no reason to be that long.

User ImageProsecutors User Image

Basically the largest idiot in a place, who accuses others of breaking AMP rules when they are. Guilty.

Billy: I slash at you as hard as I can with my sword.

Ben: I catch your sword and snap it in half before punching you in the face causing your nose to bleed.

Billy: ((You can't just catch my sword and make me bleed like that!))

Ben: ((Yes I can! You can't swing a sword without moving foward and everbody knows that I'm uber strong and can snap swords, so you were always going to get punched, and if you think you could have moved that quickly you would be godmodding! n00b!! ))

User ImageShoe elves User Image

A form of puppet mastery that usually involves the lack of another characters role players presence, it is not a very common problem. And usually only a bit of a joke.

Billy: ((I have to go eat dinner. See you guys later!))

Ben: Notcing that Billy stopped moving I walk up to him and shave off both his eyebrows before taking off his clothes and taking numerous photos which I send to playgirl.

User ImageRevisionists User Image

Someone who's alters and RP to suit their needs, usually when they don't like the RP itself.

Billy: Considering this is a Medieval RP, I take my time as my illiterate and somewhat retarded peasant, wandering around te town boredly.

Ben: Not particuarly liking the looks of this RP, I decide to spice things up a bit by deploying my Iron Maiden robots, giant metal skull crushing machines of doom, which incinerate all in their path!

Billy: (( This is a MEDIEVAL RP! ))

Ben: (( Not any more b***h. ))

User ImageSpeedhackers User Image

Someone who does far to much in a single post, most in fight posts should only consist of a couple seconds. Otherwise its almost verging into puppet mastery with the lack of the other characters reaction.

Billy: I shoot at you twice with still six bullets remaining in my gun.

Ben: I jump behind a table to escape your shots, and then I get back up and calmly make a cup of tea before walking up to you and slapping you in the face.

User ImageOxymoron's User Image

A character that is basically the opposite of itself, and therefore extremely unlikely to exist. Such as a pacifist preist warlord. They just don't make sense.

Billy: In this roleplay based in 1840, Texas, I am a cowboy.

Ben: I am a young boy who was trained in Tibet in the ancient art of Kung Jujitsu and also how to shoot every kind of gun there is. And I ride up to you on a motorbike.

User ImageBaghdad Bobbits User Image

Puppet masters and aimbotters combine to form an instakill style of role play.

Billy: I look up at the stars.

Ben: I run up to you and grab your hand pulling you over before stabbing you several times in the spine with a large fork.

User ImageHives User Image

So named after such things as the xenomorphs from Aliens, the Klendathu bugs from Star ship Troopers, and the teeming hoards they generally are. These hoards are always fearless, will battle until dead, and quite often have some excessive weapons and/or armour. Basically, it's the guys who have too many NPCs.

Billy: I wait in the meadow for my opponent to arrive.

Ben: I see Billy and then whistle and seven thousand of my super ninja warriors appear from the shadows to kill you.

User ImageGaseous Snakes User Image

A character that apparently was everywhere in the past and did everything possible that could benefit themselves.

Billy: I run through the forest, weaving and cutting through trees.

Ben: You fall down a pit I dug earlier knowing exactly where you would run.

User ImageZoicite User Image

The people who alter their character as needed for the situation.

Billy: After revealing your true vampire form I stab at your heart with a wooden stake.

Ben: The stake hits a my chest and splinters because I am also a robot!

User ImageNIMBY User Image

The people who quite readily attack others' threads, but then stop all attacks on their own thread.

Billy: "You burnt down my bar now its time for you to pay!"

Ben: My hundred auto turrects activate, as well as a magical pulse that paralyses all living things. As you stand in the middle of a highly dangerous mine field.


Ben: -Deletes post-

User ImageTrinity User Image

The knowledge downloaders, the omniscience wizards. Those people who never learnt anything but know everything.

Billy: After a life being brought up hunting with my father I can use a knife and shoot quite well.

Ben: Growing up alone I became tough. Now I know twenty martial arts and how to fly a helicopter even though your the first person I've ever met.

User ImageQuakers User Image

Remember the gun room from the Matrix, its like that. But in someones pocket.

Billy: At the sight of the full moon I turn into a werewolf and charge at you howling for blood.

Ben: Even though I was swimming and in just a towel, I pull a gun loaded with a silver bullet out from undre my towel and shoot at your chest.

User ImageGhosts User Image

Those characters which mysteriously appear in different areas with no explanation due to poor writing.

Billy: Sitting on the roof as everyone else sits inside I sigh thinking about my dead father.

Ben: I hear Billy sigh and ask him if he is alright and pat him on the back.

Billy: ((Dude you were just inside. A whole storey was blocking us. ))

User ImageAuto-Hitters User Image

Aimbotter and puppet master mixed to make a person who tells you how he hit you and how his hit connected, it is sometimes allowed.

Billy: I take a swing at you with a bat.

Ben: I grab the bat from your hands, spin around and smash your knee caps backwards.

There you go
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Anyone that can beat Leonardo S. Tensatsu will be given a award of 30k

The fight will take place here in The Zack in one of five arenas.

Rules will be set at the time of the match

*First two winners only will receive 30K
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User Image

-[ Rocky Mountain League ]-

Where we separate the boys from the men, the weak from the strong, and the feint of heart from the fearless. Fight, win, and you may forever etch your name in the hearts of those that cheer you. Lose, and fade from the minds of all. There is no room for quitters, no mercy for the timid, and no time for the hesitant. Welcome to the League!

"We fight for honor, glory, and dedication to keeping the art of battle alive in Gaia."
-Kurai Haruko

"Men will one day be but Shadows and Dust, but their fearless deeds and warrior spirit will remain immortal."
-Samyou Tamashii


Fee: None
50 Million Gaian Gold
25 Post Exhibition Match against Samuel "The Mountain" Tyson.
Win against Samuel and have your name written on the Front Page of The Zackrodisiac in honor of your accomplishment.

-To Sign up to compete in this tournament,please complete a Profile/Competitor Card and PM it to Kurai`Haruko.-

-[Profile/Competitor Card]-

Gaia Name:
Competitor Name:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Photo ID: (Optional)

[Competitor Statistics]
(Note: This fields should be as detailed as possible for any Sanctioned Match will require the competitor use only what is listed in this profile.)

Competitor Theme Song: (Just for flavor.)
Competitor Style: (Brawler, Wrestling, Judo, Muay Thai, Ect...)
Physical Attributes: (Inhuman strength, speed, reflexes, Ect...)
Abnormal Attributes: (Pyromancy, Ki User, Telekinesis, Ect....)
Inventory: (What do you normally wear in the ring or what items do you carry.)
Arsenal: (What are your preferred weapons.)

Comp Cards
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Top Floor:
1. Kurais room
2.Kizus Room
3.*not safe for all eyes* SAK--AS---ROOM

Entry Level Room:

Floors 3:

Floor 4.

Floor 5.
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~Banners and Affiliates:~

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
[X]Rock Fist Guild[X]
"Home of the Rocky Mountain Training League."

User Image
[img]http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l304/Haruko_Kurai/Jessies siggies/Zacks.gif[/img][/url]

User Image
User Image
User Image


The Elite Guard

Blood Pact

User Image

User Image
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