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"My men will take you to your ship to allow you to get the things you need. Then you will given a new vehicle and an address to your new location for the time being. You have my word, your ship will remain untouched. As long as you abide by my specifications. Oh, by the way, Miss Slainne, I wouldn't advise taking to the skies tonight. The police somehow got tipped off that there was a poacher in the vicinity. Funny how things work, huh."

He nodded, letting three of the men escort Slainne out, taking heed to not really touch her since she was currently very twitchy and obviously upset. And probably now even more agitated with his further stack of a taunt. Just presenting their hands and leading her back to the lot. Once there, they would take her back to her ship, and stand guard to let her get on board and do what she needed to do. There was a possibility that she could take off, but Ko had already distilled that possibility with the warning of the GPD being hot tonight on the streets and skies.

Back inside, Ko looked to Shayla as she spoke of how far the extent of his plan had went.

"Originally, this job was for Cale to take."

He walked passed Shayla, moving back to the bar counter where another glass awaited him.

"But seeing as she has been gone for quite a while, I took the liberty of looking for other candidates. Fortunate that one showed up right at our doorstep."

He turned back around to Shayla.

"Look at this way. If something goes wrong, we can least use someone expendable."