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Akairo slowly walks into the bar, his hands tucked neatly in his pockets, his ears pushed flat back against his head, grumbling about something along the lines of mistreating workers at the company. As usual he shakes his head, as if leaving the foul mood at the door way to the bar, and slides onto his normal spot on the bar top. There obviously wasn't much going on in the bar, there rarely was these days, though Akairo hoped that maybe some form of life would appear in the establishment out of complete and utter randomness. "It would be nice if someone showed up... I know this place has probably not seen much action at all since I last I was here a few months ago..." He shrugged and slipped into a more comfortable position, watching all of the door ways in his peripheral vision.

OoC: Have to love a sit at a desk job where your boss doesn't check up on you for hours at a time... lol. I should be back on here a lot more now, cause im just awesome like that.
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I wish I had internets so I could roleplay too! D:

I'm on an iPad at the Verizon store. :/
ooc: Did Fujiwara ever come back? Does anyone know whatever happened to him?
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I dunno... I'm not online enough to know anything about what's going on anymore. )':
Maybe one day i'll have an internet connection... And a computer...
I don't even have a computer anymore. -__-"
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OOC: I am around once in a blue moon. Between moving, working (now) two jobs, and an internet connection that I can pay barely, I havent been online much. I'm sorry. I am trying to be on more and more, but it's only for a few minutes here and there for the time being. D: I'll see what I can do about making it up to you all with a super duper post(s) this weekend.
ooc: It's okay, I kindo' get it. It's been months for me.Seems your life is a bit more hectic than mine, but I work a lot too. I was just checking in. I hope things get better for you soon.
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I can get on with my phone (like I am now) but its more trouble than its worth... I'm in the market for a cheap laptop right now though so I might be on more soon!
ooc: I'm willing to try to start something back up, but I make no promises. It would have to be slow going because I wouldn't be able to post regularly. I might just start over with a new character too, or alter the ones I've been using unless someone has a particular interest in them.
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I have one piece of the internet puzzle! Got that laptop I was talking about today, i'm using it now!
But I haven't any wifi at home so I'd still have to venture out to get a connection... But i'm one step closer!

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