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Shiro-Jin plopped down the steps in his silken pajama pants, yawning and wiping the drowsiness out of his eyes. He had been awake all night again, meticulously planning out layouts for a reconstruction of the Vermilion he loved so dearly. It wasn't that he wanted newcomers so much as he wanted to see the familiar faces that he'd come to know so well over the years. Modernizing this place is exactly what everyone needs... Especially me. But should I do light colours? Keep it rustic? Oh, I just don't know... He thought to himself, lazily shuffling his way behind the bar and into the kitchen. The weathered young man was completely unaware that anyone was in the bar besides himself; after all, it had been months since anyone but him had wandered around here. All he could think about, outside of planning a massive remodel, was that he wanted some good old-fashioned comfort food! He just wasn't sure what, yet. Maybe I should start with the kitchen and work my way out...

Out of Control: That's basically the same for me. I wanna move but the location is too good to throw away... I'd rather move somewhere else in my neighborhood but rent on other flats starts at like... 1,200 or 1,500... And that's just a tad out of my price range. By about a thousand bucks. ¬__¬" I do want to move though... I need a bigger place, to be honest. One tiny closet for storage just isn't cutting it anymore!
Also, yay! I made a shitty post! I realized that I've been doing these [lovely 3D model] things and have never done one of Vermilion. What a perfect time to do one! It'll change everything about what VV looks like though, because i'm limited to using what items they have on the site (luckily they have millions though). Right now i'm working on Deo's house. :3
Akairo sauntered into the shop slowly, just as he did any other time he returned to his home of sorts. He had been gone for some time and was wondering how everything was going, and the answer was rather obvious as he walked in, his hand sliding against wall slowly. "There is dust.... everywhere." He said quietly, a look of distaste crossing his face. He shook his head lightly, as he wiped the dust from his pants on to his somewhat tight fitting jeans, seeing as that was all of the clothing he had on his slender body. Once he reached the main bar, he looked around slowly, seeing some signs of life having been here as of late. "So there is some hope yet...." He said with a soft sigh. His first reaction was to slide over the bar and head into the back kitchen, where he always seemed to run into someone.

Ooc: It sucks... lol I work 16 hours a day, 5 days a week. But its what I gots to do to be able to afford living near DC -_-
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Conservative Millionaire

Black feline ears pointed to attention at the slightest of sounds. Shiro suddenly could feel a presence as he was peering into the refrigerator to see 'what looked good'. Somewhat startled by the feeling, he peeked past the fridge door and was greeted by the familiar face of his kin! "Oh wow, hey there!" The young man said with a delighted voice before rubbing his tired eyes. He kind of looked like he'd been punched in the face with the darkness that had taken up residence on his lower lids, but it was all out of love. Shiro-Jin loved his bar more than enough to lose sleep for the sake of meticulousness. Everything needed to be just right.

Overlord of Chaos: Oh yeah, I can imagine... A desk job is exactly what I need! A set schedule, no one micro-managing me, and... Quiet. <3 I would LOVE a quiet work environment (and to make more than minimum wage LOL)! I would be set from there.

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