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((Yus. *Does a dance* I be the accepted! I'll say it again, Ennui! xD))
Denalaz noticed Kaoru, and drifted over. "Hello. Whom might you be, mortal?"
Kaoru opened one eye to see the man above him. "I'm Kaoru, I'm co-owner of the bar, who are you?" He stretched a bit.
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Shiro appeared in his trademark orb-style, with small blue and black orbs of light materializing into the form of his body. "Sorry I left so suddenly, I hope everything went okay..." He said as his feet tapped lightly onto the floor behind the bar counter

((I finally return. I hope I wasn't too much of a burden on anyone...))
"Things went well, kitten." Kaoru said, sitting up so he could see Shiro. "It was actually kind of boring."
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"Really? That's kind of what I expected really. I didn't think that it would be a huge hit or anything. Though a few regulars would be nice..." He said as he came out from behind the bar and plopped down on the couch next to Kaoru
"We'll get some regulars, don't worry." Kaoru laid down again, his head in Shiro's lap.
"I am Denalaz, from the shadow realm, nice to meet you." He replied. He studied the person before him, his curiosity only growing. Hmm...I wonder whom all these people are. I shall find out soon enough, though.
((xD sorry was brb.))
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"Soon enough we will." Shiro smiled down at Kaoru, "You know, your hair smells really good~" He continued as he started to play with the other's hair gently
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"Hnn?" Shiro looked up to finally notice that someone else was there, "Wow, how did I not see you there before? Anyways, Hi there!"
Lucien strides confidently into the bar and sees Shiro nearly cuddling on the couch with Kaoru. "I feel like I am imposing", he said with a smile before plopping on the couch next to Shiro.
"Hello." He said, now studying the man before him. Curiosity, as always, ensued. "Who are you?" He asked, bubbling with the need to know. As always.
Oh yea, ennui^^^ sweatdrop
Kaoru started to purr happily when Shiro played with his hair. "Mm~"
"I would be Lucien Lykaious, at your service." he said to him with a stately bow. "Now I should really be taking of my jacket, it is getting hot in here~" he mused with a sideways glance at Shiro.
"I seem to be intruding." O.o. He made a hasty retreat, looking for what "Props" he had brought for the new job he obtained. "Yes...This should work fine."

((g2g, its like midnight here...O.o ))

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