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No profiles are required for access to this thread. Only rule following! Walk-ins are totally welcome! Come on in already!

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N e s t l e d along the cobblestone sidewalks of Barton Village, a single bar still glows with neon "Open" signs, welcoming all who pass through it's rustic, but elegant double doors. Patrons walk in to see an onyx marble-top bar on the left, with several matching bar-stools placed neatly in front if it, a waterfall quietly trickling on the stone of the wall behind the counter. [Yes, we hide our liquor.] To the right is a wide open space, with several lazy and comfortable couches and chairs scattered about and a warm fireplace crackling on the far wall. Along the back wall grow ropes of Ivy, weaving all the way up to the ceiling, with big colorful blossoms that leave a wonderful flowery fragrance in the entire space surrounding it. There seemed to be a faint wind flowing through the wide open room, one that would remind a person of a warm summer's evening, with the faint humming of wind-chimes in the breeze. Upon further investigation, one would see actual wind-chimes and feathered dream-catchers scattered along the wall that they had just come though. They were placed almost in a protective manner along the wall itself. The estabilshment carried with it a sense of natural earthen peace. One couldn't help but get the feeling that there was more to the Vermilion Valentines(TM) Bar and Inn than meets the eye.

U p s t a i r s , there is a long corridor that leads back to a balcony. The balcony overlooks a wondrous hot spring style bath, with a stone wall separating the men's and women's sides. There's a lot of lush plant-life surrounding the bath, in such a way that only the water could be seen, not the people in it, so everyone within the water could expect to bathe and relax in private. As patrons tour through the establishment, they would now be circling back from the balcony to the corridor where the guestrooms are. Each room is located behind the doors that line the walls on either side of the corridor, which seems to almost breathe on it's own. Because the doors to each room are open, unless they're occupied, one could easily peer in too see that each room has a stone and flower theme of it's own. One with Roses and Quartz, one with Orchids and Lapis Lazuli, one with Lavender and Amethyst, and so on. Each room is custom, and can easily be altered to suit the customers needs and purpose, all at a low cost!

Sound inviting? Come on in...

A s - A - S i d e - N o t e: Some patrons seem to think that they need to actually pay me gold to buy a room in this establishment. This is untrue, and whoever told you that lied. If you got that impression from the above text, my bad, but I'm not changing it. <3 That's purely for roleplays sake. This establishment takes all kinds of role-play currency, from Gold Shillings and USDs to Euros and Yen, as well as any and all other types.

However, if you do want to pay me gold... I'll give you something in return. n_n I am an artist, after all.

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Y e s, rules. I have lots of them. And you need to read and follow all of them. Most of them are just common sense, but for those who have no common sense...

R e a d and follow all of them. I will give you warnings, but I also will not hesitate to ban you, so please remember that. People on my friends-list and those who know me are not exempt from this, because they for some reason seem to think they are. The important stuff is bolded or otherwise highlighted so you can skim through. You honestly don't have to read all of it, I know it's kind of a lot. (The most important one is 18, just so you know.)


o 1 . ) This is, at minimum, a s e m i - l i t e r a t e Role play. Role play accordingly. (This means follow the next four rules. If you're a literate roleplayer and you know you are, you have no need to even read them.)

o 2 . ) With rule 01 in mind, make your posts understandable. Use c o r r e c t - g r a m m a r - a n d - p u n c t u a t i o n. You don't have to use big words or anything, it doesn't have to be perfect. But if you're one of those who likes to overdo it, please make your posts clear enough that others [who may not be as 'intelligent' as you are] will understand.

o 3 . ) Again, with rule 01 on mind, please format your posts in a way that fits with a l i t e r a t e "storybook" style of role-playing. Meaning: Put all of your character's speech in "quotation marks," all of their thoughts in italics, and all Out Of Character (OOC) chatter in (parentheses), {[brackets]}, another color, or some other way that will separate it from character role-playing. Also, you can use as many characters as you like, but separate them by text color or something so that no one gets confused.

o 4 . ) One more time, with rule 01 in mind (you would be amazed at how many people think they're literate RPers when they're not), please try to post at least t w o - l i n e s of text. This does not mean two lines of text in the field-box you type in before you post, this means in your final post after it's posted. If it doesn't add up to two lines of text, then go back an edit it. It's really not that hard. I'd also like to cap off a maximum of about two paragraphs per character used (as to not have anyone get confused, and so that we don't have to take three hours to read one of your posts).

o 5 . ) You may use p i c t u r e s and any color text you like. (Do you know that Gaia's BBCode uses HTML text codes too? [Like this: #FF6699] That opens up a lot more color options for you, you don't have to use only what they give you.) You can make your posts as pretty as you like, but make sure that they're still readable. And don't use pictures if they're freakin' huge. I'll show you an example of what's acceptable later. And, if you think it's too big or whatever, ask me! I can re-size it if need be. (That's what Photoshop is for!)

o 6 . ) Keep it PG-13. No c y b e r i n g at all, anywhere, as it is against Gaia's ToS.

o 7 . ) Curse words are just fine, I have no limit on them. Though I do ask that you try not to make it every other word you speak. If you don't want to see cursing, turn on your filters under your account settings. For people who do have their filters on, PLEASE spell your curse words correctly so the filters will actually work.
No c i r c u m v e n t i n g the filters please!

o 8 . ) There will be no d i s c r i m i n a t i o n of ANY kind. I see it and both parties are automatically blacklisted. I do NOT tolerate discrimination. This means against sexual orientation, race, gender, etc. If you discriminate against someone, you will be banned from this thread permanently. And this does not mean in a roleplay world, I mean if you are actively trying to put someone down. If someone complains to me about it, i'll have to ban you. This I will not warn about.

o 9 . ) There will be n o - f i g h t i n g unless it is okay with both parties, and only if it is taken outside (not of the thread, I hope you understand). Otherwise, ask me for permission first. If this rule is not followed, you will also be blacklisted, for as long as I see fit. But I do give the courtesy of two warnings first.

1 o . ) With rule 09 in mind, there will be NO - G O D M O D D I N G. Same rule applies with this as all others, two warnings and you're blacklisted.

1 1 . ) A d v e r t i s e m e n t s. There will be none unless they are given to me. I will post them in the Events post as other places to check out. You can advertise here, as much as you want, but if it's not in your signature, give it to me and I'll add it to the Events post. Simple as that. Also, for patrons. If you see advertisements, don't quote or respond to them. You're only fueling the flames when you do. I haven't had a problem with this, but i'm covering all of my bases.

1 2 . ) If your Character is a m i n d - r e a d e r, don't go poking around in everyone Else's thoughts all of the time, particularly when it does not involve you. It gets annoying, and it's borderline god-modding.

1 3 . ) Please refrain from q u o t i n g other's posts. I don't care if you quote once, but don't quote a million times because it just stretches the page out, and that's how people miss each other's posts and get confused. And, don't quote any of my posts on this first page. That's just retarded. Quoting a rule for someone when I'm not here is fine though. Come on guys, use common sense! I know you can do it!

1 4 . ) Which reminds me. If someone comes in here and starts t r o l l i n g, IGNORE THEM. Don't even respond to them at all. Don't even tell them to leave. DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM. I will delete their posts myself, so just carry on role-playing if someone starts trolling. Just keep going like they're not there. This goes for people not following my rules too. If you interact with people you shouldn't be, you both will be blacklisted, as long as I see fit (which may be a long time, I'm forgetful). I've had MANY problems with this, so I made it a rule. I thought it was common sense, but... Apparently not.

1 5 . ) With rules 1 and 13 in mind, please a s k - m e before you go posting pictures, because they too stretch out the page. Also, as I've mentioned before, if you think it's too big, ask me and I can re-size it in Photo-shop, or tell you how to re-size it in MS Paint.

1 6 . ) There will be no b e g g i n g for gold or items. If you want to advertise what you're questing for, go to the chatterbox and do it, or go somewhere else and not here. Or, you can simply ask me and I will advertise for you in my Events post as someone to help out. No problems with this, but just in case.

1 7 . ) Try to keep your O O C - c h a t to a minimum, and please let people know when you are leaving either by Role-playing your character out or by OOC. This way people don't get confused and reply to a post to someone who isn't here. I've had so many problems with this and it gets SO annoying. And I know it's got to get on your nerves too. If it hasn't happened to you, wait until it does, it'll piss you off.

1 8 . ) So that I know you read my rules, in your first post I ask you to type " E n n u i " at the top, skip a line or two, and start your first post. If you don't do this, I will ask you to read my rules and make no further posts until you do so. And just like with ALL of my other rules, two warnings and you're out.

A s promised, below is a quote of an example of what a post should look like. Notice how the image is big enough to show detail, but not so big that it over-weights the post. The text color is in sync with the image so that they go well together and don't hurt your eyes, and the text is just dark enough so that it can be read against the white background. Also, the background of the image is white so that it blends in with the white background of the post, and looks like the character was meant to be there instead of just hastily thrown in. The character's speech is in "quotations," and their thoughts in italics, just as stated in the above rules. You posts should look something like this. But if you need more or better examples, just go to the most recent page of this thread and look through it. Not everyone uses images though...

---------------------------------------- E x a m p l e ----------------------------------------

User Image

A young man, wearing what looked like a girl's private school uniform, shuffled into the Bar and Inn through it's great double doors. "U-uhh... Anyone here?" He asked quietly. He seemed a bit... Scared.

Wait, he? Yes. He. He was indeed a boy, but he certainly didn't look like it, not one bit. He had a soft quiet voice, and a very prominent feminine curve that filled out his clothing well. No one would be able to tell he were a boy until he actually said that he was. Well, wouldn't this be interesting?

He laced his fingers together and proceeded to go further into the establishment. I shouldn't be here, I'm not old enough... He thought to himself, looking around with bright sky blue eyes. He wasn't paying much attention to whether someone was actually there or not, but he'd find out soon enough...

---------------------------------------- E n d - E x a m p l e ----------------------------------------

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T h e blacklist is a list of people who have been banned from coming to this establishment for violating the rules. You get t w o - w a r n i n g s and then you're
b l a c k l i s t e d. I reserve the right to add and remove people from this list as I see fit.
I f you find your name on this list and you think that I'm not being fair or that I haven't warned you, contact me through PMs. It may take a little while, but I will get back to you and explain why you have been put on the list.
A l s o, if you find someone who's name is on the list in the Bar when they shouldn't be, i g n o r e - t h e m and contact me. If I'm not online at that time, I will be within a few days, at least.

O N the Blacklist:
N o - o n e ! Let's keep it this way!

W I L L be on the Blacklist (ie: Have been warned)
N o - o n e ! Let's keep it this way!



T h e whitelist is a list of people who have special privileges or special authority in this thread. People you must listen to as you would listen to me. It really wouldn't take a lot to get on the whitelist, but only a few do.
A l s o, if you're on my friends-list, that doesn't mean you have special "first-in-line" privileges for my whitelist. If you're not on my friends-list, you're not exempt from getting on the whitelist. Everyone has equal chances to make it on the list!

O N the Whitelist

W I L L be on the Whitelist (ie: Have gotten on my amazing side)
Akairo-Gin Havok

Setting | Rules | B l a c k l i s t / W h i t e l i s t | Special | Joblist/Roomlist | Events/Advertisements | Announcements
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T h e r e are always special additions coming to Vermilion Valentines, and they'll be posted here. If I can, I might even try to get images for them. Layout links to come as well (no telling when though, when I get a chance to make them I guess).


B l u s h - G a r d e n s: On the Vermillion Valentines grounds, far from the Bar and Inn itself, lies a beautiful Zen Garden. Filled with gorgeous pink-blossomed Sakura Trees, a free-flowing Koi pond, sandy stone paths and even a Shinto Shrine, this Garden is a plce you'll never want to leave. It's a place that makes anyone feel like they belong...

C r i m s o n - C o n f e c t i o n s: A new coridoor has been added to the Bar and Inn, and as you walk past it, you catch the sweetest scents of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and a hint of strawberry. Ohh, what could that decadent scent be?! You think to yourself as you take a turn down this new hall. You see a glowing sign that says "Crimson Confections." Well look at that, this place even has a confectionary! You think as you stroll in, getting greeted by a young boy with bubblegum pink hair behind a colorful countertop, "Hello, i'm Haru Hirano! How may I help you?"

S c a r l e t - F a c t i o n: As you explore the vast space that Vermilion Valentines has to offer, you come across the steps that lead you upstairs to the Guest rooms, some of which are reserved. But as you approach these steps, you hear the faint sound of music... What could that be? You think as you look around, attempting to find the sounds source. Then you see a small handpainted sign hanging on the wall. It reads, "Scarlet Faction" and has an arrow pointing downward. You look down to see what looks like a cellar entrance or a manhole. You climb down the ladder to take a look. After a long walk down a cool tunnel that slowly descended underground, you come across a very lively night club, complete with glowsticks and a dancing crowd. How fun...

C h i s h i k i - M u g e n: Special for those readers and relaxers. Near Crimson Confections is a Library, entitled "Chishiki Mugen" [or "Infinite knowledge"]. This Library features thousands of books on hundreds of subjects. All books are available in both paper and digital copies, hardback or paperback, PDF or HTML. All books can be bought or borrowed. If you can't find the book you want, you can order a copy and we'll get it ASAP. Also featured in this library are comfortable leather chairs for reading and several different styles of tables for studying and working, as well as charging spots for laptops. Free wi-fi. Please, no cell phone usage in the library, and keep voices to a minimum. One more thing in this library is a cafe style section for those who wish to bring food and drink from Crimson Confections. And, one last thing for the musically inclined, a special section with a Grand Piano, roped off with red velvet. Classical music has been proven to stimulate the brain and help with retaining information. If you damage a book, you must buy it, so please try to keep our books safe!

S a n g u i n e - S a n c t u a r y: As you wonder through the halls of this seemingly endless establishment, you stumble across a roon with what sounds like... "Is that a football game?" You ask yourself as you peer through the door. Well well, this place looks pretty damn awesome! Why is it called sanguine again? Because that's a word well associated with rough-housing young men! Welcome to Vermilion's "Sanguine Sancutary," a perfect man-cave, complete with flatscreens and video games, pool tables and even a mini-bar. Everything a man could desire (short of strippers and/or prostitutes, among some other things) is all conveniently located in this room. Is there another one of these somewhere, for women? Hmm...

P e a c e f u l - R o s e: Close to Blush Gardens lies a secret place, designated only for women. No man has ever been able to step inside. It is unknown exactly what lies within.

Setting | Rules | Blacklist/Whitelist | S p e c i a l | Joblist/Roomlist | Events/Advertisements | Announcements
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[Changes to come soon]

Vermillion Valentines Bar and Inn
F o u n d e r: Kaoru Okida
O w n e r: Shiro-Jin Havok
C o - O w n e r: XX
M a n a g e r: XX
H e a d - B a r t e n d e r: XX
B a r t e n d e r: James/Akairo-Gin Havok
W a i t e r: XX
W a i t r e s s: XX
H e a d - S e c u r i t y: XX
S e c u r i t y: Wave
H e a d - o f - E n t e r t a i n m e n t: XX
E n t e r t a i n e r: XX
H e a d - C h e f: XX
C h e f: XX
G e n e r a l - E m p l o y e e: James/Akairo-Gin Havok

Crimson Confections
F o u n d e r: Haru Hirano
O w n e r: Shiro-Jin Havok
H e a d - B a k e r: Haru Hirano
B a k e r - o 1: XX
B a k e r - o 2: XX
R e g i s t e r - o 1: XX
R e g i s t e r - o 2: XX
G e n e r a l - E m p l o y e e: XX

Scarlet Faction
F o u n d e r: Lika Havok
O w n e r: Shiro-Jin Havok
D J - o 1: Andy Starlite
D J - o 2: XX
L i g h t s: Andy Starlite
G e n e r a l - E m p l o y e e: XX

Chishiki Mugen
F o u n d e r: Shiro-Jin Havok
O w n e r: XX
B o o k - K e e p e r: XX
C h e c k o u t - o 1: XX
C h e c k o u t - o 2: XX
R e g i s t e r - o 1: XX
R e g i s t e r - o 2: XX
G e n e r a l - E m p l o y e e: XX

* J o b s marked with "XX" are avaliable positions, but any job is available if you think you can do better than who's already there! Except for founder, and owner of course. Also, G e n e r a l -
E m p l o y e e s are ones who fill in for others and take over any job positions that are not filled, as necessary.

T h a t ' s all I have so far in jobs, if there's a position you want but don't see here, ask me about it. Send me a PM entitled " V e r m i l i o n - V a c a n c y ", so that I know you at least read this. In your PM, put the word that proves you have read my rules in it as well (unless you have already made a post here or are a regular, then that doesn't apply to you), then of course, skip a line or two and fill in your application [below]. Make sure to copy and paste this code from the codebox.

[size=9][b]JOB APPLICATION[/b]:
[b]Character Name[/b]:
[b]Place of employment[/b]:
[b]Job you're seeking[/b]:
[b]Why you want it[/b]:
[b]How often are you available to do your job if you get it[/b]:
[b]Anything else[/b]: [/size]

E x a m p l e of how it should look in the end:

Subject: Vermilion Valentines
UserName: Shiro-Jin
Character Name: Shiro-Jin Havok
Place of employment: Vermillion Valentines Bar and Inn
Job you're seeking: Owner
Why you want it: Because I own it already!
How often are you available to do your job if you get it: Multipule times per day each day!
Anything else: Places of employment include Vermilion Valentines Bar and Inn, Crimson Confections, Scarlet Faction, Chishiki Mugen, and any new additions. If there's a job position that you want but don't see, apply for it anyways! Just let me know in this "anything else" section! Simple as that!

T h a t ' s it! If there's any special details that I've left out that you think should be included, add them yourself!



Rooms 100-300 on floors two and three:
1 o o - 1 1 2: All available
1 1 3: Shiro-Jin Havok
1 1 4 - 1 3 7: All Available
1 3 8: Andy Starlite
1 3 9 - 1 7 4: All Available
1 7 6 - 1 9 9 : All Available
2 o o: James/Akairo-Gin Havok
2 o 1 - 3 o o: All Available

Rooms 301-500 on floors four and five
3o1-399: All Available
4 o o: Haru Hirano
4 o 1 - 5 o o: All available

Setting | Rules | Blacklist/Whitelist | Special | J o b l i s t / R o o m l i s t | Events/Advertisements | Announcements
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Vεяміlіои Vαlεитіиεs™


T h e events I have are at random, so check often! Also, if it's a contest, you can't enter if you don't post in here. D< Meaning, if you're not a reagular or I haven't seen you in I don't know how long (long enough that I don't know who you are anymore), your chances of winning are zero.

V O T E ! This is irrelevant to Vermilion Valentines, it is a personal thing. If you'd like to participate just go ahead and send me a PM.
Details: I am currently working on making a roleplay that I will turn into a webcomic page by page. I would like you to vote on the following stories for which ever one sounds the most interesting to you. The storylines are very basic and will be developed more once the winning vote is chosen.

Jiyuu eno Shoutai: A classic all boy's boarding school drama, similar to Gakuen Heaven and Sukina Mono wa Suki Dakara Shougunai.
Yugameru no Shukumei: A classic love story between a rock star and a pop star. They meet and struggle through opposition, beating the odds and falling in love. Very reminiscent of Gravitation but not so focused on the music.
Ginkgo de Haiiro ni: A tradgedy, otherwise completely open story, just has to end in tradgedy. I've got a little something in the works for this perhaps.
Hatred's Influential Mistake: The story of a vocalist and his band, their struggles in writing music and touring the world. The harshness of having your entire life always in the spotlight. Again, not so focused on the music, but the music is a bigger part of it.
Gaia Misadventures: This one is already in the works, three pages on my DeviantART so far. Basically any Gaia related story that I would like to draw out. Anything from game and forum experiences to roleplays and general website issues. Nothing is off limits.

Ends: No set end date. Probably in a few weeks once I finish all of my character images and descriptions. Plenty of time for questions and voting. Any questions or concerns, PM me. You can read the first three pages on my DeviantART by clicking the link above.



[X] A n e s t h e t i c - A r t i s t r y: My art shop! I do avatar and RPC art, as well as fan-art. Also, in continuation of my first post, what you'll get if you do pay me gold. You'll get a bust-shot or head-shot of your Role-play Character. n.n But don't make it too complicated, I'm not super amazing or anything... Just an amateur. n.n I'd like to draw everyone's roleplay characters who come in, because at least then you know for sure that the image is a post-acceptable size...

Setting | Rules | Blacklist/Whitelist | Special | Joblist/Roomlist | E v e n t s / A d v e r t i s e m e n t s | Announcements
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Vεяміlіои Vαlεитіиεs™


S o m e random announcements made for Vermilion Valentines. Have anything to annouce? PM it to me and I'll add it.

[Saturday, April 28, 2012] W e ' v e - r e a c h e d 5oo pages, yay!

Setting | Rules | Blacklist/Whitelist | Special | Joblist/Roomlist | Events/Advertisements | A n n o u n c e m e n t s
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Ennui (See? Like this...)

Shiro opened the double doors, peering in to see everything just as he had imagined. It was all neat and clean, and the whole place was scented like a summer's evening just after a thunderstorm. The fire crackled to the right, and the water trickled down to the left, and the hum of the whindchimes all brought it together. His place was indeed magickal, just as he had intended it to be. "Perfect..."

Kaoru followed in after Shiro. "This place is really great." He purred happily as he wrapped his arms around his kitten from behind. "I bet your place will be really popular~!"
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"I dunno, we'll see I guess. The hard part is the waiting for those first customers..." Shiro replied, taking Kaoru's hands into his own, "We'll see."
"I don't think it'll be long before someone comes." Kaoru gently nuzzled his love's neck.
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Conservative Millionaire

"Yeah, we'll see. This is rather exciting!" Shiro exclaimed as he lazily plopped down on a big fluffy red couch near the fireplace
"It is exciting!" Kaoru cooed as he sat with Shiro. "I can't wait to...Do stuff!" He bounced up and down on the cushions.


Elphaba ran with a quicked past through Barton Village, making sure not to run into/harm anyone as she made her way towards her new waitressing job at Vermillion Valentines. She had once more overslept in her few hours of sleep and was now panicing as she ran to her job to make sure not to be late on the first day of work.

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Conservative Millionaire

"Hehe, yeah. Anything I can get for ya while we wait?" Shiro asked happily, just wanting to see how everything worked. He hadn't exactly tested it out yet...

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