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Funniest s**t I've received in ages. (bottom of the first page)

Yep, that's funny 0.25 25.0% [ 37 ]
Whoa, serious? 0.14189189189189 14.2% [ 21 ]
Some people are so stupid 0.32432432432432 32.4% [ 48 ]
Poll whore option 0.28378378378378 28.4% [ 42 ]
Total Votes:[ 148 ]
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Bashful Bookworm

[[ OoC: Eww ... That's no fun. Guess I shouldn't complain, right?

And pssh ... No patronizing here, sweets. I have only ever spoken the truth. And sarcasm. Lots of sarcasm. XD

And you're not that old, either. Though. I guess I can't really say that when I can't recall what the age difference between you and I huh? Though, if I do recall, it wasn't to much of a difference. ]]
((I'm a quarter century plus one.

Blah, I should get going. I have a party to prepare for in the morning. Sleep well kiddo.))
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Bashful Bookworm

[[ OoC: Twenty six!? Ha, I'm older than you by a year. ^.^ Tehe.

Lamesauce. Though, you are ahead of me hour wise, can't remember if by one or two hours though. So I suppose it makes sense. Add me if you like. And do keep in touch. If you have Skype, pm me, and I can give you my user for that if you like.

It was good to see you and catch up, Regal. As always. I'm always the invisible girl that remembers everyone, but is never remembered herself. -Shrugs- Not that I mind. It would be nice to keep in touch with you though. If you'd like to that is.

Sleep well you. ^.~ ]]
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High-functioning Lunatic

((What's this? Trolls in the dungeon? How strange.))
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Chatty Noob

[Huh, it's been quiet in here.]
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Bashful Bookworm

[[ OoC: Lurka. ]]

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