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-She laughed and shook her head at him. She had seen many bad bad days. She took another drink from her glass then said.-

"Where are your shoes?"
[hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day and now is having a good half price chocolate day. I miss you all.
-Luecian ]
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((Happy V-day to you too, Lue. Come back soon, y'hear?))

Thresh didn't skip a beat. He began laughing heartily, throwing his head back. Wiping away tears with his finger, he replied,
"Shoes? Ay, lass, I've no need for 'em. Me calluses are built up 'nuff now that I've no need."
-Rae raised an eyebrow then made a bit of a face. She did not want to see his feet...... ever! She looked around the room then back at him. He was an interesting man. Sure he was good looking but he was very quirky. She took a sip of her drink then said.-

"Are you a man of the earth then?"
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Thresh looked very confused for a second. Then, he grabbed his Pogo stick laying next to him.
"Would a man of the earth have one of these things?"
-She tilted her head and nodded. She held in the fits of laughter that were threatening to burst out. She licked her lips and said.-

"Yes. A very simple way to get around."
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Baer was walking down the beaten path east of this place. He shook his hair from the dust and leaves that seemed to get attached to him fast.

He pokes his head in the lobby door, "Hello?" He says.
-Rae jumped a mile when she heard a voice call out hello. She realized how normal she looked. Dashing up she ran out side and put on her knee high boots quickly then her corset and tamed her hair. She then walked back inside and smiled to the man that had just come in.-

"Hello there."
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Thresh's face fell. He looked totally devastated. He set down his Pogo stick, his lip trembling. He was seriously going to cry!
-She felt the mood change. She turned around to Thresh and blinked. Was he going to cry. She made her way over to him slowly and bent down to look at his face more closely. She raised an eyebrow and said.-

"What's wrong?"
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"Hi!" He said inquisitively. The place looked neat and comfortable.
"May I know if I can get some drinks? I've been walking for hours and I'm not sure if I'm lost"
-She turned back to the man and smiled softly. She walked back over to him and said gently.-

"Sure. Just help yourself."
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Thresh's blonde hair hid his blue eyes. His shoulders shook. Oh my god, he was crying.
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Baer smiled in relief. "That's awesome!"
He went over the bar and picked a few fruit drinks and mixed it with some Starpoppy juice he had smuggled from somewhere.

The aroma of the drink lifted in the air. Sweet and tangy it would seem. He mixed it in a jar he had found under the bar and stirred it until it was of the right color--gold.

"This is about right!" He said. He tasted it and it was beautiful in his tongue.
-Rae finished tell the man he could help himself then walked over to Thresh. She saw the tears falling to the floor and frowned. She slipped her arms around his neck and pressed her forehead to his. She of course had to bend over to do this. Softly again she asked.-

"What's wrong?"

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