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Funniest s**t I've received in ages. (bottom of the first page)

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Lonely Mage

Souijji shrugged and slid her staff over as she leaned across the bar and reached under it blindly. She really didn't care if she got the right bottle or not, didn't really matter either way. Pulling out a bottle that looked like it quite possibly came from a previous century she snagged a glass and poured it half full, while murmuring softly under her breath. Sliding the glass across the bar to the newcomer she smiled, her violet eyes coming to life with mischief.
"One whiskey, straight out of who knows where."
((I have an hour and I miss this place))

A small child peeked in around the door. Her emerald eyes scanned the room as she twiddled distractedly with one of her crimson curls. "I love places that don't change too much. It's been too long."
((Do people just leave when I show up or something? crying wink ))

She dragged a barstool behind the bar, climbed up and rummaged around the back of the shelves. "It's still here!" The child murmured, wonderingly. She gave the bottle a sniff. "Ugh! Definitely old enough!" She washed out some congealed gunk from the bottle and left it to drain by the sink.The little girl then dragged the stool back around to the correct side, pulled a small flask from her scrip and settled down on her old favourite spot on top of the bar to enjoy her drink.
((I'm off for now))

The little girl finished her drink and climbed down off the bar. She straightened her ruffled skirt, scribbled a quick note on a napkin and ran out to hunt. The room hardly looked like anyone had been there at all, save for the clean bottle draining by the sink and a napkin on which was written in an elegant hand "Elfie's back for a while. I've missed you all."
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Lonely Mage

{{ Having computer issues......may need to take the stupid thing into the shop. Sorry. }}
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High-functioning Lunatic

((Darn, missed it again. Yo Kharne! Come back sometime, ne! I want to play!))
((Is okay, Souiji. I'll be back tomorrow 10 am-ish Sydney (daylight savings time) for anyone who'll be up then. Maybe earlier.))
[I was about to offer to help with your computer issues Souijji, then I remembered that not much I can do from....who knows how many hundred of miles away.

Elfgiva: I am going to have to make sure to be awake and on then. Seeing old friends always makes me happy.]
((Lol, I've facebooking too much these days! I went to 'like' your post, Lue!))

The door creaked open and a little girl entered, dragging a sack that looked far too large for her.As the sack bumped over the ridges in the floor it clinked softly, but there was no sign in the child's porcelain features to indicate she'd noticed or cared.
She lugged the sack behind the bar and dragged a barstool around too. The child somehow maneuvered herself so that she could climb on to the stool while holding the sack. She quickly stocked a back shelf with the bottles she removed from the sack and retained one as she climbed down.
The child returned the barstool and climbed on to the bar with her bottle and a glass. As she settled down on the bar, she let her emerald eyes wander around the room listlessly.

The little girl jerked awake, she hadn't even realised she'd fallen asleep. She lifted one of her crimson ringlets out of her drink, sucking the thick, dark red liquid off the curl. Her emerald gaze swept the room and she sighed "Still noone here." The child rinsed the last of her old drink out of her hair in the sink and refreshed her drink. She then climbed back on to the bar and settled down to read a book she pulled from her scrip.
The little girl closed her book with a sigh and climbed down off the bar. She rinsed out her glass and headed out in to the night.

((Gonna go, I start work soon and the computer is making an already hot room even more hot. Maybe tomorrow.))
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|| ooc: Oh noes. I just got back online, too. >< ||
((Anyone on?))
[Sorry, I was at work.]
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Rainbow Shoujo

19,550 Points
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|| ooc: I was probably awake, but on the phone at that time. EVENTUALLY everyone will be online at the same time. xD ||

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