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Walking through a small town in the mountains you see a sign pointing the way towards a road with these words painted on it..............
Two Doors Down
Now open

Following the track for nearly three miles you pause at the edge of what looks to be a dormant volcano crater. From the high point where you are you can see most of the valley inside of it. Several square miles at least, though nearly half of it is heavily forested. On the far side of the crater there looks to be a large lake, though why it only takes only one corner of the crater is anyone’s guess at this point. A small clearing can be seen between the lake and the forest and in the middle of it sit’s a red tiled roof of what looks to be a rather large building.

Keeping to the track you make your way through the forest and straight to the building. It’s a rather large three story affair that is set out in two large wings that nearly form a circular courtyard between them. Odd considering most buildings are based on squares not circles. A large wrap-around porch seems to go nearly all the way around the building, with a large overhang to keep anyone there dry, no matter what the weather might be. All around there are wide windows that look to be window seats that just beg to be sat in during those wet drizzily days.

The courtyard is filled with flowering plants and shrubs, most of which look like they shouldn’t exist, or if they do only in dreams of the oddest sort. The path to the three steps onto the porch, however, is clear and easily navigatable, even if someone were to try it blind drunk.

Near the wide front doors there are three different porch swings. It would seem over crowded, but somehow it doesn’t, almost as if the rules of reality might not be working quite right here.

Stepping inside the building it doesn’t really seem any different from many other places you could walk into. Well, mostly anyway. The bar, instead of being along the back or one of the side walls is next to the door running the length of the room along the front wall. No one is behind it, but the glasses occasionally move and fill of their own accord and the patron’s wishes.

There are comfy chairs and couches spread around the room, and a small grouping of overstuffed chairs around a large fireplace. This would be the real startling piece to the room. Instead of a normal fire, the fire in this fireplace is a bright almost icy shade of blue, and it seems to burn without wood.

Several arched doorways lead off from this room, a small library/den, a hallway to the bathrooms, a laundry room, and the kitchen.

The Kitchen, if it can be called that is more than most. It has a full all-you-can-eat bar in the middle of it, and the menu seems to rotate depending on the day, or even the time of day. However if you prefer there is also room for you to create your own food. A large walk-in refrigerator holds most of the meat. Everything from the common beef, fish, sheep and poultry, to the exotic basilisk, dragon, and griffon.

The regular refrigerator would hold everything else. It shouldn’t be large enough, but somehow every time you open it what you want is near the front and easily accessible.

Back in the main room you notice a spiral staircase that seems to go up to the roof. Walking up it you notice the second floor has three long hallways, Why three? Well, because it seemed good at the time and four would be too many. Leading off these hallways are many doors for small rooms, medium suites, and large apartments. There shouldn’t be that much floor space, but at this point the oddities are all just part of your experience.

Continuing up the stairs you come to the third floor which seems much like the second, except it only has one hallway. The other side of the third floor is inaccessible. This would be the owners private place and no one is allowed in without the owner’s express permission and accompaniment.

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OOC furniture:
Wiggy's Couch
Rissa's stripper pole
Peach's Hammock
random chair
Kinky closet
Tia's bean bag & picket sign


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