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Vice stepped up to the odd tree in the forest and grumbled to himself. "Don't see why she has to put these places to far out of the way..." He nudged open the door with his foot and descended the staircase, glancing around the room and nudging one of the pillows with his foot. It irritated him somewhat how much his decorative tastes coincided with this place.
He noticed the weird creature he'd met on a previous occasion puttering around the room, and sent it a somewhat dispassionate mental nudge of greeting. There didn't seem to be anyone else around for moment - wasn't that always the case?
The creature started slightly and spun around to look at Vice. A vague sense of recognition crossed his mind, but otherwise he just stared at the man with a mind as blank as his unblinking gaze. He nudged him back, but there was nothing to it. It wasn't a nudge of greeting, it was just a nudge, almost reflexive, like a blink or breathing. It was as if he wasn't really trying to do it so much as it was just happening and he wasn't even entirely aware of himself doing it.
Vice smirked, realizing that the creature didn't recognize him. Oh well, there was a remedy for that. He went to the bar, clearly disregarding the fact that this was not his establishment, and took down a bottle of whiskey. He filled up a shot glass for himself, then a bowl for the creature. He took both over to one of the low tables and settled down in front of it, placing the bottle and his glass on it, and setting the bowl on the floor for the creature. "There you go little guy." He muttered, downing his own shot of alcohol and quickly refilling it.
The creature watched him with only mild interest until the smell of the whisky met him from half way across the room. Instantly much more intrigued, he put his head down and followed Vice over to the table. He stopped a few feet away, staring at the bowl and then at Vice, and shifted his weight. He watched the man take another shot, taking the chance to inch forward while his attention was thoroughly somewhere else.
Vice couldn't help but chuckle softly at the odd animal's wariness, but did his best to look disinterested in it, downing his second shot as easily as the first. He hardly seemed to notice the burn of the alcohol. He settled into the pillow that served as his seat and set down the rucksack over his shoulder on the floor, getting comfortable for the moment. With his features relaxed as they were he was quite handsome.
The creature skittered forward the rest of the way as Vice took the next shot, crouched down next to the dish and started slurping. He didn't stop until it was empty, only moments later, and then pushed it across the floor with his nose until it ran up against the man's foot. Sitting back, he watched his 'supplier' expectantly, eyes wide and ears standing straight up.
Vice looked down at the creature as he felt something nudge his side and chuckled under his breath. "Here ya go." He muttered, refilling the bowl and then ruffling the creature's ears. "Weird little thing..." He continued to pour himself shots and pound them down, not showing any signs of drunkenness yet, in spite of how much alcohol he'd consumed.
The creature started working on his second helping before Vice was done ruffling his ears. Weird little thing... he thought back at Vice exactly the way he'd heard it, mimicking him. He cast a sideways glance at the man briefly, but then returned his attention to his whisky, drinking it slowly but steadily. The burn didn't seem to bother him in the least, and he had yet to show any signs of being drunk.
Vice snorted softly at the creature's mimicry, fairly confident that it hadn't actually understood a word. "Smartass..." He replied anyway, crossing his legs indian-style on the pillow and resting his forearms on the table. It was awfully slow in here ... but then again, it was in the middle of ******** nowhere, so that might have had something to do with it.
He looked up from his drink, watching Vice until he was convinced the man was not about to become belligerent. When he was assured, he sighed and looked around, just about bored out of his mind, or what was left of it anyway. The room was silent. And still. There was nothing to do. He sighed again and raised a "paw" to scratch the bandage on his face. It had taken a while for the goo to wear off, but when it had, his face had begun to take turns throbbing and itching. The dressing was still intact, but it had little creases in it from laying on his side and the edges were beginning to curl.
Vice looked down at the creature scratching at his face, just seeming to now notice the bandage on its face. "Want me to replace that for you?" He asked. Then, remembering that the creature didn't understand him, sent him a mental nudge along the lines of 'new' and an image of the dressing.
"So just dump it here?"

"Yea, only the tree huggers will give a damn."

In the skies above the forest, two seedy looking men dumped a myriad of hazardous looking chemicals into the brush below, snarking from their shoddy-looking helicopter. Blue, red, green, orange, it was a rainbow of fluids. They finished their business quick, and flew away satisfied.

Minutes later, the blue liquid started acting up. A little bubbling, followed by some movement, and then form, more or less resembling a human female, but translucent. Ugh...where am I? Hoping for an answer to this, the fluid journeyed off in hopes of finding some kind of landmark... instead coming across a rather out of place tree. Tavern? ...who would build a tavern out in the forest, away from any business...? Still, the doorknob signified a place to rest. It had been a hell of a day.

Disregarding the odd placement, the human blob entered casually and strode down the stairs...surprised to find a somewhat sophisticated bar area. Still, questions rung in her head over the interest in architecture. "...um, excuse me?" it asked a tad shyly, "...could I get some...um, directions?" It was surprised there was anyone there at all, considering location.
Vice looked up from his place next to the odd creature, raising an eyebrow at the woman... blob... thing that had come down the stairs. "Er..." He looked around the bar for a moment, as if expecting some heretofore unnoticed employee to jump out of the woodwork. No such luck - seemed as if he'd have to make an attempt at socializing.
The creature he'd been interacting with didn't count in his mind - not out of any prejudice he had against the creature, but because it couldn't talk. If he didn't want to deal with the thing anymore, he could just close of his mind and that would be that. People, on the other hand, had a pesky habit of continuing to speak when he'd rather they didn't. "Directions to where?" He mumbled, ruffling his silver hair with his hands before standing to rather impressive height of six-foot-three and brushing off his jeans.
"...well, er..." it continued, a little daunted by the man's size, "...there's this city called Montrada...the one governed by a big corporation, not the one with the World's Largest Fish Tank..." The question on which one it meant was asked way too often. "...I don't suppose I'm too far away from it, am I?"

Suddenly, brainstorm. Its eyes looked hopeful for a moment... ...wait, I'm an idiot! My pho- no wait, they probably took that. No wonder I feel so naked... ...but that soon passed off when reality kicked it.

On the topic of them, a question crossed its mind. "...er, second question, if you don't mind..." it added, placing a finger on its chin as it tried to recollect the day's events. "...do people in brown jackets marked 'BLTC' come around here often?" Just thinking about the malicious bastards gave a chill down her now non-existent spine. I go in for a quick interview and they try to drown me...freaking lunatics! They're so getting reported to the MPD.

The creature dropped his paw-hand and gave a Vice a look that spoke volumes about what he intended to do to him if he tried to hurt him or did anything too suspicious. Before he could actually respond though, he heard the door opening and turned to look. What he saw come down the stairs made him forget all about bandages and whisky as he stood and faced her with hackles raised. whatever she was, it wasn't normal and, in some sort of irony, it freaked him out. He didn't understand a word of what was being said, but that didn't stop the unpleasant surrealism of the situation from making him want to bite something and/or hide.


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