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"'Tisn't a problem," Rene shrugged, taking the last few sips of the cup before finding herself growing weary, "and thank you, I might just take up the offer." Throwing the rucksack over her shoulder, she nodded a wordless 'good-night' to both Rune and the avian-like creature before making her way towards her room.

[['Tisn't a problem; 'tis late here and I'm roleplaying with a friend as I type.]]
Rune stepped into the main room from the guest room hallway, toweling off her hair from a recent shower. Her clothing was minimal as always, this time consisting solely of undergarments and a men's shirt that appeared to have originally belonged to someone over a foot taller than her. As she rubbed the moisture from her hair she moved behind the bar counter to start up the coffee pot. she always needed a bit of a caffeine buzz to start her morning.
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{{ Just wanna apologize for not posting here yesterday like I said I would -_-;; trying to develop this character. >.> }}
((no worries smile ))
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Annie gazed around, trying to decide whether to stay in the bed and rot or go out into the main room for a while, just to see if anyone was there. Her head pounded, aching in every bit and piece.
She rolled out of bed, even the small movement making the pain intensify.
Maybe she just needed caffeine.... yeah, that had to be it.
But as Anastasia made her way out to the main room, she couldn't hardly see straight, much less have the coordination to handle glass and hot water and such. Seeing no one else around (although, Annie had never been the queen of noticing things) and not wanting to go back to her room, Annie got up from the bar stool she had managed to sit on, and collapsed onto one of the couch pillows, curling up to try and ward away the headache.
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A large mass of black-brown fur and feathers lay curled one one of the other couch-pillows nearby, more or less blending in with the small, cushiony, mountain range up against the back wall. The creature had his left side facing out, hiding the bandage on his face from view, which might have otherwise given him away to the girl as it stood in stark, white contrast next to his charcoal features. He had awoken to the sound of her fumbling around at the bar, and opened one silvery-grey eye to watch her. He didn't move a muscle as she gave up her quest and joined him around the fireplace, just kept watching, staring unblinkingly.

ooc: aw man! It said you were still online just a moment ago! Dang! ><
Tryan Creature
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((it's no problem, although I seem to have missed you, too! ^-^;; ))

Annie twisted slightly, trying to hide her face as the migraine wracked her body. Her eyes opened into small slits as she woke up from what slight nap that could have been defined as. As her line of vision became clearer, she saw a silver-toned eye staring back at her.
"Wh-what? ... Are you... oh, are you that nice, rather large bird-y thing that was here?" Annie asked, a weak smile on her lips. "You're awfully cute, from the one eye that I can see..." She muttered, cringing as her head throbbed.
ooc: I don't have time for a proper post right now, but I should be back later. Just FYI though, Rune calls him little because she's weird - he's actually the size of a large cat (like a mountain lion), and about 160lb easily.
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((ooooooh. .___. will edit, then. thanks~ c: ))
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Sorry I missed you too. =/ I didn't think I'd be gone so long. I'll be back tomorrow though
The creature didn't move at first, just continued to stare at her. There was absolutely no sign of recognition from him. Her words went in one large ear and right out the other. Only after several long moments did he decide to get up. He yawned widely, revealing rows of needle like teeth that didn't really belong and probably shouldn't have fit in his mouth. Without taking his eye off her, he uncurled and stretched his mismatched limbs, either disregarding, or failing to notice the popping sound of his claws puncturing his cushion. Finally, he tossed his head as if chasing away irritating insects and had a brief look around. With nothing else of interest or concern to worry about, he turned his full, generally hungry gaze back to the girl on the other 'couch.' It took him a few more moments to decide what to do, now that he was up, but then he just walked right up to her, his nails and talons clicking on the floor, and leaned in close to sniff at her and get a good look.
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burning_eyes Tryan-Creature
The creature nuzzled the girl, but as her migraine prevented her from much in the way of real thought or interaction, he found her to be distinctly uninteresting at the moment. Snorting at her, he turned and trotted away with a disorganized clatter of clinks and clicks to explore. There was always more exploring to do, he never got bored of it.

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