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{{ Ah I understand. I'll wait until tomorrow then. ^^ }}
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((hi feanyx~ i hope you roleplay with us soon!
and it's really no problem, rune. i'm still on summer break so i have all the time in the world right now.
though, i won't be on much tomorrow night, just a warning. c:
night rune!~))
OOC: *lurks* ninja greetings and hello new people! blaugh I work 12 hour night shifts on a very irregular schedule so it's hard to say when I'll be around, but I'm here tonight and looking forward to meeting both of you. *re-enters lurk mode and tries to lure people in with cookies and tea*
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{{ *nibbles cookies and tea* }}
Tryan Creature
ooc: *gasp* it's a person! yay! ^ ^ Sorry for makin' you wait, I was scavenging for dinner.

bic: After taking a good, long nap, nearly eating Rune out of house and home, and ending his day with another several hours of napping, the creature had finally awoke refreshed and as curious as ever. He had of course taken the opportunity to explore his new home while it was still more or less empty, but then, one way or another, found his way outside where he remained until now. He stalked through the woods, digging holes, climbing trees, hunting small, woodland critters, and generally terrorizing the local flora and fauna. To anyone that might have caught him in the act, and not also been too afraid to remain and watch, it seemed he really did think the world was his playground.

Tryan Creature
ooc: Dangit! My timing sucks! D: I killed it v_v
*puts out more cookies and tea*
The creature had wandered well over a mile from the Wendigo as the day wore on, possibly as far as five, when he finally found the trouble he was always looking for. He had been climbing in the trees, chasing squirrels, robbing nests, and disturbing the peace when he encountered the strangest creature he had ever seen. It had started with a rough, dry rustling and shuffling sound, with the occasional addition of a long and ominous tearing, scraping noise. So of course he followed it. It ended in a loud and undignified squawk from him as he tumbled out of the tree, with several long quills sticking out of his front right paw and the side of his face.

By the time he found his way back to the Wendigo, it was dark. He came to the tree, though he couldn't tell for the life of him where the door was, and scratched at it with his good 'paw,' trying to either find an entrance, or make enough noise to be let in. This place was decidedly unpleasant and he just wanted to go sleep on one of those giant pillows.
Rune had been puttering around in the main room, having taken note of the odd little creature's absence, but not being particularly bothered by it. He was known to wander. When she heard scratching at the door she opened it to find him sitting rather forlornly outside, one of his paws and a side of his face bristling with porcupine quills. "Getting yourself into trouble, I see." She said with a soft smile, before sending him a gentle suggestion of something along the lines of 'heal'. She was sure that it was accompanied by an image of bandages - she knew his feelings on magic, she rather thought he'd prefer to be healed by conventional means.
If the creature looked forlorn when she opened the door, he looked downright dismal when she uttered the word "trouble." He didn't respond to her, only ducked his head and skittered inside past her, like a child caught being somewhere they weren't supposed to be and having just been returned home by some other adult. He went straight back to the corner he'd occupied before and curled up on his pillow, now more resembling a sulking child than a sheepish one.
Rune chuckled softly and followed him inside, going into the infirmary for a moment before returning with a small bag of supplies. She settled down on the floor next to him and pulled out a few things - tweezers, an odd sort of blue paste, another little tub of greenish paste, and a few bandages. She nudged him mentally again with the same offer, keeping her smiled friendly. Really now, he couldn't want to go around with those quills in him all day.
He cast her a sideways almost-glare when she came to sit by him, but didn't move away. When she made her offer again, he turned his attention to the supplies she brought with her, eying them dubiously. Finally, he just sighed, and shifted his weight to give her better access to his right side. He refused to look at her after that, and, for some reason, he seemed to be giving her the silent treatment.
Rune smiled again, then picked up the tub of blue paste and opened it, showing it to him. She wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as possible with what she was doing to him. She tried to accurately describe without words what it was for - how she'd put it on his skin where the needles were and it would make him stop feeling things there for a little while, so pulling them out wouldn't hurt. She made sure to emphasize the idea that the loss of feeling would only be temporary though. Again, she didn't want him to freak out over it and stop trusting her.
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[[Walk-in characters are allowed, no? You see, the current threads I'm involved in has taken a stagnant turn, and so I was hoping to spend some of the time roleplaying here as I wait for activity to arise.]]
((yep, walk-ins are more than welcome smile ))
He wasn't so sure if he did trust her that much at this point, but he supposed he didn't have a lot of options. Even if it turned out to be permanent, which part of him was skeptical, he supposed numb was better than hurting like it did now. The corner of his mouth twitched when he first felt her hand on his face. It was just about perfectly reminiscent of a dog that was about to snarl and might decide to bite at a moments notice, but he kept quiet and she would be able to feel the muscles at his jaw tighten as he clamped his mouth tightly shut. If he were human, or humanoid even, he might have been grinding his teeth, but he didn't have the grinding type.

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